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A Greek foot soldier was called a hoplite. His uniform was a linen shirt with metal armour plates on the shoulders. A bronze breastplate covered his chest and stomach and greaves shin guards covered his legs. On his head he wore a bronze helmet with a tall crest. He carried a shield an iron-tipped spear and a short sword for use in close ...

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This page has images of typical Ancient Greek dress for men and in particular of battle dress uniform. Fancy Dress-Greek Costume Ideas for Drama Carnival Floats and Olympic Events In Ancient Greece male everyday dress was very similar as shown in this image right of the Greek poet.


GREEK ARMY UNIFORMS OF WORLD WAR ONE Researching Greek military uniforms of WW I period is the synonym of... CHAOS Furthermore when it comes to research especially in the Greek archives one must come to terms with one& 39;s worst existential fears … Artist Pierre Turner has been an inspiration to me since the & 39;70s.

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The Presidential Guard is a ceremonial infantry unit that guards the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the Presidential Mansion in Athens Greece. The unit is distinguished as the last unit of Evzones in the Hellenic Army and is closely associated with the traditional Evzone& 39;s uniform which evolved from the clothes worn by the klephts in the Greek War of Independence. The most visible item of this uniform is the fustanella a kilt-like garment. In 1868–1914 and 1937–1973 the guard also ...

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The formal version of the uniform is white and worn on Sundays and at official occasions with a doulama or tunic worn at other times khaki in summer and navy blue in winter. Hover over the image to see details of the uniform An Evzone standing guard outside the Greek Presidential palace.

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Generally a tsolias is a Greek soldier wearing a modern military uniform based on a traditional Greek guerrilla outfit from the 19th century& 39;s Greek War of Independence. The unit is famous around the world for its unique traditional uniform which has evolved from the outfits worn by kleftes who fought the Turks during the Turkish occupation in ...

A Brief Sartorial History Of The Greek Fustanella

The fustanella is a knee-length skirt – similar in a way to the Scottish kilt – worn by men for military and ceremonial occasions not only in Greece but also the Balkans. Today there is much contention about which nation introduced the fustanella to the other as Albanian traditional dancers still wear it today as well . It remains an important cultural identifier in Greece.

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Adopted for the khaki field uniform and the blue service/dress uniform in 1908 replaced in 1936–1937 by British-style ranks. ... Military ranks of Greece ...

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Military Art Military History Army Uniform Military Uniforms Greek Independence Greek Warrior Troops Soldiers Greek History IMG 2932-1 Ελένη Κατρακαλίδη Evzones Greece 1914 - pin by Paolo Marzioli

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The new soldier was a hoplite named for the hoplon his shield.For additional protection he wore a helmet most often the Corinthian style covering most of his face except for a t-shaped opening that exposed his eyes nose and mouth unfortunately it did not allow for peripheral vision ; Philip would replace this with a Phrygian helmet that allowed for better hearing and visibility.

History of the Traditional Greek Evzone Uniform

In addition to the typical Evzone uniform they could wear the traditional Cretan Evzone dress and Ponti Evzone uniform. The Cretan design doesn’t include a foustanella but rather dark blue trousers. The soldiers often wear different uniforms to honor different aspects of Greek military history.

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Greek soldiers Evzones dressed in full dress uniform refers to the members of the Presidential Guard an elite ceremonial unit ATHENS GREECE August 172013: Greek soldiers Evzones dressed in full dress retro military uniform Greek soldiers at Greek parliament in AthensGreece.

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Interesting Facts About the Soldiers and War of Ancient Greece. Greek soldiers sometimes decorated their shields. A common symbol put on the shields of the soldiers of Athens was a little owl which represented the goddess Athena.


Armies of the Greek-Turkish War 1919–22. MEN-AT-ARMS 501. Osprey Publishing 20 Jul 2015 & 39;. ... 1909 TILL 1914 OTTOMAN ARMY UNIFORMS AND BRANCH OF SERVICE COLORS ...

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Their uniform the most widely recognisable Greek military dress is derived from the dress of the klephts and the fighters of the Greek War of Independence. The modern Greek Army has a history of over 180 years during which has undergone dramatic changes and been involved in some of the major conflicts on the European continent.

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There were even Greek words and phrases that described how the Spartan women would dress which would be much more risque than the rest of the Greek women of the time. Spartan Men’s clothing The men like the Spartan women would wear simple clothing when not in battle a Chiton/Doric would be typical dress for a Spartan man.

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The unit is famous around the world for its unique traditional uniform which has evolved from the clothes worn by the klephts who fought the Ottoman occupation of Greece. The most visible item of this uniform is the fustanella a kilt-like garment.

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The mainstay of any Greek army was the hoplite. His full panoply was a long spear short sword and circular bronze shield and he was further protected if he could afford it by a bronze helmet with inner padding for comfort bronze breastplate greaves for the legs and finally ankle guards.

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The Greek Presidential Guard – also known as the Evzones – still wear the uniform of an elite Greek soldier from yesteryear. And while I praise other units who do this like U.S. Marines and the French Foreign Legion the outfit& 39;s foustanella the skirt-like item has 400 folds one for each year of Turkish occupation.

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Hellenic Army Army Uniform Military Uniforms Greek Warrior Military Dresses In Ancient Times Dieselpunk Eastern Europe Military History From the Greek War of Independence to the war against the Italians and right up to the present the Evzone uniform has always been a point of reference.

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It became the typical military outfit in Greece from the fifth to the third centuries BC. Soldiers would wrap it around the arm and even use it as a light shield in combat. The chlamys was in the spotlight up until the Greek-speaking Byzantine Empire which covered the eastern section of the Roman Empire. 2. Chiton

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The following plates present Greek naval uniform through World War ΙΙ period 1940-1944 worn at the & 39;home front& 39; Adriatic Aegean and the Mediterranean Seas and abroad Adriatic Aegean and the Mediterranean Seas and the Atlantic Ocean .


Greek Army military uniforms through the 1940-1941 period.These are some of several illustrations in my portfolio published in historical books and magazines. Σαββας Στολές Μεσαιωνικό Στυλ Στρατιωτική Ιστορία Βίκινγκ Πολεμιστές Κουλτούρα Ευρώπη Πανοπλίες

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