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Renowned Ammo & Company kit. Genuine Issue RAF Air Cadets Beret is top quality for Military & Tactical. Approved Genuine Issue RAF Air Cadet Beret Our approved small crown Genuine Issue RAF beret is made of 100% wool banded with soft black leather with draw string and bow and comes with internal badge stiffener and metal eyelets (for cap badge) with a black cotton lining.

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Cadets and officer/warrant officer candidates will not wear the black beret. Split-option soldiers or soldiers in the simultaneous membership program will wear the black beret only when performing duties with their units and they will wear the patrol cap with the BDU when in a cadet or trainee status.

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The Air Cadets badge must be above the left eye and must not be obscured when viewed from the front. Before you wear your beret for the first time it needs to be shaped. To do this put a little cold water in the bath and hot water in the sink. Without getting the leather band wet alternatively immerse the beret in the hot and cold water.

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National Blue Beret (NBB) is a National Cadet Special Activity in the Civil Air Patrol. The event is two weeks long and is set up so that the second week will overlap with the annual EAA AirVenture Oshkosh event the largest air show in North America. Cadets must go through a competitive selection process in order to attend the event.

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Beret- When issued with your beret you will be taught how to shape it to fit your head. The beret is to be clean and is to be worn with the band horizontal around the head and 2.5cm (one inch) above the eyebrows with the badge above the left eye.

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How do you shape a beret? First: Cut out the lining. Second: Cut the cardboard so that it is just a small arch about 2 or 3 inches across the bottom so that whatever device you wear fits nicely. Third: Put on your beret and make sure it (the leather band around the bottom) is as parallel to the ground …


Beret: Dunk alternately in hot then cold water until thoroughly soaked. Make sure you don’t get your headband wet. Place onto head and use your hands to mould into the desired shape. Let beret dry on your head. Place cap badge using the holes provided. Remove fuzz using a razor or fabric shaver. Trousers: Hem trousers to correct length.

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When worn properly the beret is formed to the shape of the head therefore cadets should not wear hairstyles that cause distortion of the beret. How To Shape Your Beret. Cut out the black lining of the beret taking care to cut around the beret badge backing. Pull out the headband drawstring.

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Don't pull yank or tug - that breaks berets! I find it helps to look in the mirror so you get it to the right shape. Also try and over-do the shaping so when it dries it doesn't spring back too much. I find that works best for me and my fellow cadets! Good luck :)

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how to shape a beret air cadets