level 4 ballistic helmet classification


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All our Level IV Stand-Alone plates here have passed the NIJ 0101.05 or NIJ 0101.06 Certification (a few sizes use the same ballistic recipe but have been independent ballistic lab tested to be compliant with the standard instead of Certified).

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Are Ballistic Helmets Bulletproof? Calling anything bulletproof is a misnomer. It all depends on the type of bullet what you fire it from and the condition of the helmet itself. A good NIJ Level IIIa under the 0106.01 standard will stop a bullet from any handgun including high-calibers such as .44cal Magnum without fatal injuries to the .

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We offer a wide range of ballistic armor helmets to meet your tactical needs. We take your protection very seriously. All of our helmets meet NIJ 0106.01 and MIL-STD 662 V50 Ballistic Test standards. Our helmets are rigorously tested by approved NIJ laboratories to make sure all standards are met.

What Do The NIJ Protection Levels Mean? – Bulletproof Zone

Level IV Body Armor. Level IV body armor is the highest basic level which protects against armor piercing rounds. They also consist of hard plates as opposed to Level IIIA plates and below. Special Level Armor. Special type body armor can go beyond the standard protection rating. Level IIIA+ falls under this classification for example.

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[l4]*. 2. CLASSIFICATION Ballistic helmets covered by this standard are classified into three types by level of performance. The ballistic threat posed by a bullet depends among other things on its composition shape caliber mass and impact velocity. Because of the wide variety of cartridges available in a given

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Level IV body armor will stop large caliber and armor piercing rifle threats up to .30-06 M2AP armor piercing rounds with a mass of 166 grains and velocity of 2880 ft/s. Our Level IV body armor plates has been ranked for protection and offers various levels of ballistic performance.

Ballistic Rating Charts for UL752 and NIJ

Ballistic Charts UL 752 and NIJ I-IV . Level 4.30 Caliber Rifle Lead Core Soft Point (.30-06 Caliber) 180: . Level IV.30-06 armor piercing: 166: 10.8: 868 +/- 15 .

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Ballistic Helmet NIJ Level IIIA with Above The Ear or High Cut Design. The HHV ATE® GEN2 Ballistic Helmet Offers The Ideal Ballistic Helmets For Law Enforcement Military and Private Security Contractors. The ATE® GEN 2 Ballistic Helmet shell is made from advanced para-aramid fibers.

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NIJ ratings go up to Level IV (one hit of 7.62x51 AP/.30-06 AP) though there are multi-hit IV plates. Military helmets that are marketed to LE like the ACH-C usually say something like "Level IIIA equivalent" because there is not a seperate testing protocal for helmets AFAIK. SDS has different weights of helmets that go from Level II to IIIA.

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Other solutions to the rifle threat will include up-armor appliques or tiles like our Up-Armor 7.62 tile for the ATE ballistic helmet. Commonly referred to as back-face deformation these tests are a debated topic with more and more companies choosing to decrease weight at the expense of increased back-face deformation.

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Tough Weave and Complex Matrix: Our bulletproof vests are NIJ level 4 compliant. This is proof of the toughness and reliability of these Level 4 ballistic plates. Tactical Scorpion Gear Level IV body armor plates are available in any custom configuration in flat single curve and multi-curve.

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At Security Pro USA all of our ballistic helmets offer level IIIA protection under NIJ standard 0106.01 for soft body armor. Which combined with its low weight high performance and multi-layer casing to create the ultimate helmet for safety comfort and protection.


NIJ Levels - US National Institute of Justice NIJ Ballistic Levels Protection ( Level IIA Level II Level IIIA Level III and Level IV) Body armor is a critical safety piece of safety equipment that has saved the lives of thousands of people. However people who are in the market for body armor often find it difficult to assess which choice is right for them. There are a few primary factors to .

Shellback Tactical Level IIIA Ballistic High Cut ACH Helmet

The Shellback Tactical Level IIIA Ballistic High Cut ACH Helmet provides level IIIA ballistic protection frag protection and impact protection. The low profile high cut design reduces weight provides room to access communication equipment and reduces interference for target acquisition.

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New helmet offers greatest protection level in its weight classification ST. PAUL Minn. – Sept. 28 2017 – Globally military and police forces are seeking a state-of-the-art helmet to protect their service members from modern threats like rifle fire and explosive devices.

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Increasing the protection offered by a helmet has been an age-old quest. From edged weapons to arrows fragmentation to bullets it's always been a type of arms race to provide the next best solution to protect our heads. In World War One Germany offered one of the first up-armor or applique solutions to their common M17 helmet.

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There are several different standards of ballistic protection; higher the level higher the protection. One vehicle armour we mostly follow the European standard (B4 or B6) levels but can adhere to any standard NIJ (see below) as long as we are comparing apples-to-apples such as from the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) for body armor

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A ballistic protection level tells you how much security a certain level of armor can provide – or rather the level of assault that it can withstand. A commonly followed (and the one we will discuss) benchmark is the EN 1063 standard set forth by the European Committee for Standardization (BR1-BR7) .

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Shellback Tactical Prevail Series 10 x 12 NIJ 0101.06 Certified Level IV Hard Armor Plate Model 4S17. The Shellback Tactical 1155 Level IV Hard Body Armor Plate is a single-curve ballistic rifle plate designed to withstand rigorous usage. This hard body armor plate was designed to protect the user who has their lives on the line in critical .

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level 4 ballistic helmet classification