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Soon socks and bulletproof vests made from spider silk .

Soon socks and bulletproof vests made from spider silk December 10th 2007 - 1:34 pm ICT by admin Tweet London Dec 10 (ANI): Thought spiders webs use was just confined to giving you goosebumps in scary films think again because scientists in Japan have found a way to use spiders webs to make anything from tights and fishing nets to .

Beneficial spiders in the landscape: #49 Banana Spider .

Nephila clavipes is a large size and brightly colored species of the orb-web spider family.Nephila comes from Ancient Greek meaning “fond of spinning.” Most people call them banana or golden silk spiders but other common names are calico spider giant wood spider golden silk orb weaver and writing spiders.

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Spider silk has extraordinary material properties. Proportionate to its weight the silk of a Golden Orb spider is tougher than Kevlar which is used to make bulletproof vests and ranks among the .

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Stronger Than Steel Spider DNA and the Quest for Better Bulletproof Vests Sutures and Parachute Rope (Book) : Heos Bridget : "In The Spider Silk Scientists readers enter Randy Lewis' lab where they come face to face with golden orb weaver spiders and genetically engineered goats whose milk contains the proteins to spin spider silk--and to weave a nearly indestructible fiber.

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The silk produced by the spider-goats has been used to create various objects but the most innovative one is bullet-proof skin. Even though the skin is not as impregnable as a Type-1 bullet-proof vest but it can stop a bullet fired at a reduced speed. The genetically modified skin was displayed in 2011-2012 in a museum in the Netherlands.

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The US Army cannot enlist enough spiders to provide the silk it needs to make stronger bullet-proof vests. These vests are currently made of Kevlar. But spider silk is stronger than Kevlar even .

The golden orb-weavers web could be used to make bulletproof .

THE HUMBLE GOLDEN orb-weaving spider apparently one of tastiest spiders’ although we aren’t game enough to try may have the potential to revolutionise the world of synthetic materials. Researcher Genevieve Kerr from the University of the Sunshine Coast has always been curious about the world of medicine particularly surgeries which .

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How Spider Silk Is Harvested: this instructables is about how to harvest spider silk.During the summer months spider webs cover every corner and every open space of my yard. These webs are humongous the largest ones being about 5 feet wide. The webs I encounter in my garden.

Stronger Than Steel: Spider Silk DNA and the Quest for Better .

Welcome to the lab of Dr. Randy Lewis where goat embryos are injected with genes from golden orb weaver spiders. When the goats grow up some of the females will produce spider silk proteins in their milk. The project aims to produce filaments with the varying degrees of strength and flexibility characteristic of spider silk.

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N. clavipes in particular weave rather strong webs compared to other species of spiders. Currently there are tests being done on the potential benefits of human use of the dragline thread. The dragline in golden silk spiders surpasses the strength of "Kevlar" which is a fiber used in bullet-proof vests.

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The title Bullet Proof Breath refers to the tremendous strength of the golden orb weaver’s silk and its potential as a material for bullet-proof vests. Despite the seemingly delicate nature of spider silk under specific conditions it defies its size and weight and demonstrates tensile strength greater than any other man-made or natural .

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But in an experiment last year those scientists harvested silk from the golden orb web spider and wove its strands into a crisscrossed mesh on a steel frame. Then they seeded the mesh with skin .

Stronger Than Steel: Spider Silk DNA And The Quest For Better .

In The Spider Silk Scientists readers enter Randy Lewis' lab where they come face to face with golden orb weaver spiders and genetically engineered goats whose milk contains the proteins to spin spider silk--and to weave a nearly indestructible fiber.

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Researchers inserted DNA from the golden silk orb-weaver spider (Nephila clavipes) into silkworms. . similar in strength to the Kevlar plastic found in bulletproof vests but much more flexible .


Spider Silk A strong light bio-material made by genes from spiders could transform construction and industry. A.Scientists have succeeded in copying the silk-producing genes of the Golden Orb Weaver spider and are using them to create a synthetic material which they believe is the model for a new generation of advanced bio-materials.

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In the case of the golden orb weaver the dragline silk is used to suspend the spider. The strength of this material is incredible. It is five times as strong as the kevlar that is currently used in bullet proof vests. It is as elastic as nylon. A piece the size of a pencil could stop the momentum of a fighter jet stopping on an aircraft carrier.

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There are high hopes for bulletproof vests as well as violin strings tennis rackets nets textiles and surgical products. In Madagascar over an eight year period enough silk was harvested from golden orb-weavers (more than a million) to create a remarkable golden cape displayed in London’s Victoria and Albert Museum.

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Again there have been reports from Australia that some of these spiders grow as large as your hand and in some cases may get even larger. That would be one big spider my friends. Golden Orb Weaver Fast Fact – The silk created from the Golden Orb Weaver is almost as strong as Kevlar. You know that stuff found in bullet-proof vests.

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