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Army Rangers Gather to Fight Beret Order - The New York Times

Last October the Army's chief of staff Gen. Eric K. Shinseki ordered that all soldiers and officers be issued the black beret the exclusive symbol of the Army's elite infantry force the Rangers.


For months thousands of present and past Rangers have been angrily protesting a decision announced in October by Army Chief of Staff Gen. Eric Shinseki to issue black berets long the Rangers .

Black beret debacle - Washington Times

Gen. Eric Shinseki the Army chief of staff should have gone back to sleep in October when he had the epiphany of outfitting the entire soldiery with the black berets that up to now have been a .

Army chief out of loop on berets - Washington Times

Army chief out of loop on berets. Follow Us Search Search Keyword: Recommended. Quiz: Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? Trump backs off border closure — for now: ‘You know I will do it. I don .

Army demotes its black berets - The Washington Post

The black beret became standard headgear in 2001 at the order of then-Army Chief of Staff Gen. Eric K. Shinseki who declared the beret would become “a symbol of unity a symbol of Army .

All Green Berets are inspiring. Here are 5 of the best .

It's the mission of all branches of the U.S. military to protect all citizens defend liberty and uphold the Constitution. Being a good citizen entails giving back to each branch in every way we can. The Green Berets founded in 1952 by John F. Kennedy are celebrating their 68th birthday today. Tak.

Rumsfeld nemesis Shinseki to be named VA secretary

Gen. Eric Shinseki the Army chief of staff ordered the move after lawmakers voiced concerns that the purchase appeared to violate federal rules to buy American-made products if they are available. ‘’The Army chief of staff has determined that U.S. troops shall not wear berets made in China or berets made with Chinese content’’ the .

History of the Black Beret (

During his first year as Chief of Staff Gen. Eric Shinseki concentrated on building up momentum for our ongoing transformation. Only in his second year as chief did he decide the time was right for us to wear black berets. At the end of my beret quiz I ask soldiers to tell me what they know about the Army and our ongoing transformation.

Eric Shinseki | Military Wiki | Fandom

Eric Ken Shinseki (/ʃɨnˈsɛki/; born November 28 1942) is a retired United States Army four-star general who has served as the seventh United States Secretary of Veterans Affairs since 2009. His final U.S. Army post was as the 34th Chief of Staff of the Army (1999–2003). He is a veteran of combat in the Vietnam War where he sustained a foot injury. Shinseki was born in Lihue Kauai in . - Army may delay beret change after ordering glitch .

Seeking to defuse the battle of the beret Shinseki on Friday said the elite Rangers unit will be switching colors trading in their traditional black berets for tan ones. MESSAGE BOARD The U.S . - Men in Black Berets - E.A. Hernandez

General of the U.S. Army Eric Shinseki decided to do away with all that in the summer of 2001. Just as the Basque Spanish and French farmers often use their ever-present bérets to wipe away sweat and grime during work the Black Berets have wiped away their (and our) blood sweat and tears with their black bérets.

Eric K. Shinseki | United States general | Britannica

Eric K. Shinseki U.S. Army officer who was the first Asian American to achieve the rank of four-star general. He commanded North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) peacekeeping forces in Bosnia-Herzegovina (1997–98) served as army chief of staff (1999–2003) and was secretary of veterans affairs

Black beret to be Army's standard headgear

The article reports on an October 2000 announcement that black berets will become standard issue for all those in the U.S. Army. The Army's chief of staff General Eric Shinseki announced that starting June 14 2001 black berets will no longer be worn exclusively by the elite Ranger units.

The Beret in U.S. Military Uniform History

On Oct. 17 2001 Army Chief of Staff Gen. Eric Shinseki announced that the black beret would become standard Army headgear in the following year. The rationale was to use the sense of pride that the beret had long represented to the Rangers to foster an attitude of excellence among the entire Army as it moved forward with its sweeping .

Earning it: A complete history of Army berets and who's .

Things chugged along smoothly for the better part of the next two decades until then-Chief of Staff Gen. Eric Shinseki flipped the table in 2000 and authorized the black beret for all soldiers.

Color Compromise In Beret Battle - CBS News

The Rangers raised a ruckus when the Army chief of staff Gen. Eric Shinseki announced in October that the black beret the Rangers wear proudly as an exclusive badge of honor would become .

General Shinseki's Black Beret Fiasco

Thirdly General Shinseki should be held accountable for wasting the time morale (some were issued the black beret and must return them) and $3.8 million. The last point I would like to make is General Shinseki still intends to issue the black beret to all U.S. Army personnel STARTING in June.

Pentagon compromises on Army beret issue - Government Executive

Army Chief of Staff Gen. Eric Shinseki announced his intent last October to issue the beret to all soldiers and started a controversy among current and former Army Rangers and in Congress.

More on the "Shinseki beret" - The Atlantic

100-to-1 in favor of Gen. Eric Shinseki's conduct before and after the Iraq war. (Background here and here .) 100-to-1 in opposition to his role as "the genius who made Army troops wear the beret."

GEN Eric Ken Shinseki

One other controversial plan that Shinseki implemented was the wearing of the Black Beret for all Army personnel. Prior to Shinseki implementing this policy only the U.S. Army Rangers could wear the black beret. When the black beret was given to all soldiers and officers the Rangers moved to the tan beret.

CNN Transcript - Special Event: Army Settles the Battle Over .

General? Go ahead. GENERAL ERIC SHINSEKI ARMY CHIEF OF STAFF: Well good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. Thank you Dr. Wolfowitz. And I've got a short opening statement and we'll provide written copies. These beret decisions both the decision regarding the black beret last October and the one regarding the tan beret yesterday are about .

Army backtracks on black berets – CNN Security Clearance .

Ten years ago this week under orders from Gen. Eric Shinseki then Army Chief of Staff the black beret became the standard gear in the U.S. Army. It was the start of a pitched battle within the Army that would soon find itself fighting two hot wars. Now just shy of the anniversary Gen.

Defense Leaders Uphold Army's Black Beret Decision (Corrected .

Army Chief of Staff Gen. Eric Shinseki announced his intent last October to issue the beret to all soldiers and started a controversy among current and former Army Rangers and in Congress. The black beret has been worn traditionally only by Rangers an elite highly trained combat group.

U.S. Army Gives 'Made-in-China' Berets the Boot - ABC News

When Army Chief of Staff Gen. Eric Shinseki ordered that all Army troops begin wearing black berets to boost morale in October the Rangers were dismayed to learn they were about to lose exclusive .

Tempers Flare Among Special Forces Vets Over New Unit's Beret .

In 2001 all U.S. soldiers were ordered to wear a black beret by then-Army Chief of Staff Gen. Eric Shinseki. Black berets had traditionally been reserved for soldiers assigned to the 75th Ranger .

On Point: Shinseki's Berets Endanger Medium Brigade

It's too bad that U.S. Army Chief of Staff Gen. Eric Shinseki's decision to plonk black berets on the heads of all Army troops gave him a political black eye. After the EP-3 incident the discovery that most of the berets were knit in mainland China added another bruise. The beret fracas cost Shinseki political capital the ammo of Washington.

AP Fact Check: Gen. Shinseki 'Forced Into Retirement' By Bush .

Whenever General Shinseki’s name comes up a large contingent of sore heads pipe up with epithets and complaints about his role in the adoption of the black beret as standard Army headgear. Most of these comments are ill informed and display profound ignorance of the history of this uniform item in the U.S. Army.

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