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It comes in handy if you have multiple items you want to carry such as bullet magazines. The vest is quite affordable made compared to other similar vests. The features that make this vest an exciting item to purchase include; two versions- right-handed and left-handed versions a radio pouch where you can put your cell phone.

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Stab Proof Vests Stab proof vests are usually worn by police paramedics and security staff who need protection from the possibility of stab attacks/knife fights. A stab vest is a reinforced piece of police body armor worn under or over other items of clothing which is designed to resist knife attacks to the chest back and sides.

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Snug and breathable Bulletproof Vests feature resistant bulletproof ballistic panels that perfectly adapt to your body type for wearing under or over garments. Obtain full bullet protection up to NIJ level as well as edged-blade level 2 and spike level 2 protection.

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The Best Bulletproof Vest is truly the safest & strongest body armor ever produced. We only manufacture the most advanced solid state bulletproof vests. All bulletproof vests are handmade assembled and individually inspected by ballistics experts right here in the United States.

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Always refer to your ballistic panel inserts to determine the level of your soft bulletproof vest. Remember your vest can only protect you when you wear it. Safe Life Defense Vests are designed for comfort protection and maneuverability. The best vest is one you will wear. Remember your vest and hard plates are bullet resistant not bulletproof.

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In certain places like Australia it’s illegal to wear a bulletproof vest without a permit. Search online for your local and federal laws related to bullet proof vests or body armor and make sure that you don’t need a permit to purchase one.

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Light-Weight Bullet Proof Vests If you are looking for body armor products or a cheap bullet proof vest. There are many solution on the market whether you are part of law enforcement or you just want personal protection just in case you’d definitely find one that’s suitable for you.

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Ultra Covert Bullet Proof Vests. Bullet Proof Vests - Made from 100% Kevlar. Our high-quality bulletproof ballistic panels are available in a wide range of carriers. Level II or IIIa ballistic protection is available unobtrusively comfortably and discreetly.

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The State BVP Program is intended to provide reimbursement for: the replacement of any bulletproof vest which was manufactured with Zylon; the replacement of any bulletproof vest which was purchased on or after July 1 2000 and is older than 5 years from the date of such purchase

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Buy Bullet Proof Vests We make it easy to purchase a premium EnGarde® bulletproof vest and tactical armor by working with top vendors around the world. Our vendors are experienced at meeting the unique needs of government military and law enforcement customers.

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Bullet Proof Vests From SafeGuard Armor® Buy Lightweight Bullet Proof Vests Online Today! SafeGuard Armor® has a proven track record of selling high quality bullet proof vests to local companies and we use our experience in the industry to provide the most complete protection possible for our customers.

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The Patrick Leahy Bulletproof Vest Partnership (BVP) created by the Bulletproof Vest Partnership Grant Act of 1998 is a unique U.S. Department of Justice initiative designed to provide a critical resource to state and local law enforcement.

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These bulletproof vests are typically worn under the uniform allowing the end user to stay protected while maintaining a professional appearance. CompassArmor is a leading manufacturer and supplier of concealable armor to security law enforcement and military personnel. We have a large assortment of ballistic vests suitable for every day duty .

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