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A radio direction finder RDF is a device for finding the direction or bearing to a radio source. The act of measuring the direction is known as radio direction finding or sometimes simply direction finding DF . Using two or more measurements from different lo ions the lo ion of an unknown transmitter can be determined; alternately using two or more measurements of known transmitters ...


antenna arrays. Direction finding techniques that require the antenna to be moved or rotated to determine the direction of arrival of the signal are too slow for modern tactical purposes. The final three requirements mobility short set-up time and robustness limit CDF systems to being small and light enough to be carried

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Radio Direction Finding Equipment. One of the earliest military appli ions for radio was in direction-finding DF which makes it possible to lo e the positions of enemy aircraft and ships using four major components: an antenna a receiver a processor or processors and a control and output system. Examples of radio DF equipment in use at the beginning of the twenty-first century include the OUTBOARD Organizational Unit Tactical Baseline Operational Area Radio Detection system of the U.

HF/DF - Royal Navy High Frequency Radio Direction Finding WW2

Introduction . Land and shipboard high-frequency radio direction finding HF D/F or Huff Duff is now generally recognised as being with radar and code-breaking a primary factor in the allied victory in the Battle of the Atlantic against the German and Italian submarine onslaught against shipping.

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This radio direction finder is the only receiver airborne mobile or handheld that is capable of receiving the new upper band frequencies in the 406 MHz range. The Polaris 406T-PC RDF is the only available device to detect all frequencies between 406 and 407MHZ.

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Navigating the World of Direction Finders. Direction finders are indispensable tools that help the user lo e the source of radio signals. Often used by civilian and non-civilian boaters pilots search and rescue teams and navigators direction finder equipment can focus in on long-wave or medium-wave transmissions directing the user to a source or in some cases helping them avoid it.

Navy WW2 Direction Finding Receivers

Navy WW2 Direction Finding Receivers. Back to WW2 Receiver Page; Back to 1950& 39;s-60& 39;s Receiver Page; Back to Main Navy Radio Page; Please send me e-mail with additions corrections etc. Many of these photos are of equipment that was for sale on eBay. SHIPBOARD and PORTABLE DIRECTION FINDING EQUIPMENT

VHF direction finding in the age of AIS

This means that in addition to the maritime frequencies other frequencies can be selected in the civil aviation waveband between 118 and 137 MHz and the military emergency aviation frequency of 243 MHz. The radio direction finding antennas can be easily installed on a mast in the form of space-saving H-dipole antennas.

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Receivers direction finders TSCM etc. This page shows some equipment that was used during or after WWII to find clandestine radio stations and intercept enemy radio traffic. Much of this equipment uses Morse Code for the transmission of data. Click any of the images below for a full description of each device.

The Secret Surveillance Catalogue

Direction Finding Systems All egories 53 Survey Equipment 12 Fixed Wing Geo-Lo ion Manned 10 PGL Payloads on UAVs 10 Ground Based Geo-Lo ion Vehicular 15 Direction Finding ...

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Tech Comm Inc. of Fort Lauderdale Florida designs and manufactures airborne seaborne ground-based mobile and person portable radio direction finder DF equipment. The radio direction finding equipment is used by military intelligence agencies Homeland Security both U.S. and foreign for reconnaissance surveillance interception and targeting.

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The sole purpose of a radio direction finder installation is to provide the means of determining the bearings of a radio transmitter emitting signals. Whether these bearings be used to determine the position of a distressed ship an enemy or an aid in the navigation of ships and aircraft is not a function of the equipment.

Handheld Direction Finding System

Hunter MA2700A Handheld Direction Finding System. The MA2700A allows easy-to-use handheld direction finding and includes an internal preamplifier a GPS receiver and an electronic compass. Connected to an Anritsu instrument and with a directional antenna attached the MA2700A captures lo ion and interfering signal

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Type KD-2 Oscilloscope Recording Camera Chicago Aerial Industries. In the mid to late 50& 39;s this O-Scope camera was a component of the Airborne EW Reconnaissance System A/R System a combination direction-finding and search-intercept device formerly designated as the QRR-4 Quick Reaction Requirement Four .

Handheld Direction Finding System

The MA2700A allows easy-to-use handheld direction finding and includes an internal preamplifier a GPS receiver and an electronic compass. Connected to an Anritsu instrument and with a directional antenna attached the MA2700A captures lo ion and interfering signal information when the trigger is pressed.


The Famous BC-973 Directon Finding Receiver: 23KB This is the fascinating BC-973-B Direction Finding Receiver used throughout WW-2 for pinpointing the lo ion of enemy transmitters. This set is unusually complete and includes the Receiver with loop and sense antennae the tripod the shipping case cables headsets and the dynamotor.

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Direction finding and triangulation. A direction finder can be any electronic device used to lo e a source of electronic emissions such as a ship or aircraft. In everyday usage by military security and intelligence services direction finding is virtually synonymous with radio DF.

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Chinese YLC-20 Passive Direction-Finding And Lo ing Radar 1 China Peoples Liberation Army Peoples Liberation Army Air Force Radar 2:38 AM The Chinese YLC-20 Passive Direction-Finding And Lo ing Radar employs precision DF and DTOA capabilities to monitor the airborne shipborne or landbased emitters.


item sg 061/20-final - military characteristics for ground and surface ultra-high frequency direction finding equipment. 03 - military committee; standing group; standing group documents; 1952; military characteristics for ground and surface ultra-high frequency direction finding equipment

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Patents "radio direction finder" exact phrase. Quick Search for Class with all years selected. CCL/342/443 also: 342/436 984108 Apparatus for Determining the Direction of Space Telegraph signals Oscar C. Roos Feb 14 1911 Secret Weapon pg 76 342/439 -System using two whip antennas along the centerline of a ship

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After World War II there were many small and large firms making direction finding equipment for mariners including Apelco Aqua Guide Bendix Gladding and its marine division Pearce-Simpson Ray Jefferson Raytheon and Sperry.

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Weapons aren& 39;t the only type of WWII US field gear you can buy. The following list contains some other types of WWII surplus equipment available: Field packs and bags - You& 39;ll find a large selection of bags and packs from aviator bags to combat and medic field packs. Because most of them are made from canvas many are still in good condition.

Polaris RDF - Radio Direction Finders for Government Agencies

Because of the mobility of the radio direction finder it allows Search and Rescue Law Enforcement and Military teams to ensure quicker response times. GPS Lo ion Mapping Polaris RDF Android software system is a sophisti ed field tested hardened device that utilizes radio-based emergency beacons using the GPS lo ing mapping system.

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*Used Equipment* AN-001 - A User& 39;s Guide: How To Shop For A Radio Direction Finding System. A "must read" for the serious DF system user. This Appli ion Note helps the prospective buyer untangle the mysteries of the DF equipment selection process so that informed and cost-effective purchasing decisions can be made.

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Direction Finding and Geolo ion Lo e the source of RF transmissions to deliver vital intelligence in both military and civilian appli ions.

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Direction Finding DF CommsAudit supply specialist equipment for radio Direction Finding. Key products include: the CA7708 HF Receiver which is ideally suited for N-Channel HF Direction Finding HFDF V/UHF antenna sequencers beamformers and specialist antennas. CommsAudit continue to run R and D programs for N-Channel Direction Finding.

Radio Research Paper - World War 2 Naval Operations

In the RCN the term R.D.F Radio Direction Finding was used to reference people and equipment . However order N.S. 1052-1-1 issued on 10-7-43 instructed that the term RDF be dropped and replaced with the updated term radar for all correspondence and future publi ions.

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Fort Huachuca Arizona - During the Vietnam War the Army possessed three distinct aerial intelligence capabilities.The U-6 Beaver fixed-wing airborne radio-direction finding ARDF platform was ...

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The Clansman Harness Interconnecting Box 12-way-4 is a junction box with Four 12 pin sockets for connection into the Clansman harness ring to provide one spur outlet to the Emergency Crew Control equipment ECC or to other harness boxes installed in the vehicles hull. There are no operator controls on the box. Part Number FV990560.

Direction Finders Radiomonitoring Rohde and Schwarz

Direction finders for land-based airborne or shipboard use from Rohde and Schwarz detect any signal from 300 kHz to 8.2 GHz in practically no time.

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The Royal Navy also deployed direction finding equipment on ships tasked to anti-submarine warfare in order to try to lo e German submarines e.g. Captain class frigates were fitted with a medium frequency direction finding antenna MF/DF the antenna was fitted in front of the bridge and high frequency direction finding HF/DF "Huffduff" Type FH 4 antenna the antenna was fitted on top of the mainmast .

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The state of art for direction finding equipment at that time limited the operating frequencies between 100-1599kc. The installation of radio beacons by the Department of Commerce and the increased use of high frequency radio eventually doomed the need for these medium frequency direction finding sites.

Military Standards/Handbooks

Military Standard Marking for Shipment and Storage: MIL-STD-130: Identifi ion Marking of U.S. Military Property: MIL-STD-2073: DoD Standard Practice for Military Packaging: ANSI/AIM BC1: Linear and Two-Dimensional Bar Code Symbologies


Nowadays the T-47/ART-13 is finding increased popularity as a very practical ham transmitter for vintage military station operation. The transmitter can provide plenty of power and excellent audio allowing many military radio enthusiasts to use their T-47/ART-13 station for regular AM net operation also.

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High-frequency direction finding usually known by its abbreviation HF/DF nicknamed huff-duff is the common name for a type of radio direction finding employed especially during the two World Wars. The idea of using two or more radio receivers to find the bearings of a radio transmitter and with the use of simple triangulation find the approximate position of the transmitter had been known ...

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Tactical Direction Finding and Geo-Lo ion. Instantaneous accurate High Frequency HF Very High Frequency VHF and Ultra High Frequency UHF HF/VHF/UHF Direction Finding DF from a single compact mast-mounted pod on surface ships; DF from a single compact vehicular mast-mounted pod; Geo-lo ion from a single airborne platform ...

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RDF Products designs and manufactures professional-quality radio direction finding RDF equipment for land-mobile fixed-site vehicle tracking and lo ion shipboard and airborne radio direction finding and lo ion missions.

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direction-finding equipment long-range reconnaissance planes destroyers equipped with advanced sonars. 44 Successful teamwork requires commensurate with responsibility. objective99 Remediation Accessed :N delegation of authority experience maturity rank

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the requirement for the direction finding of frequency-agile emissions such as frequency-hopping and spread-spectrum signals. The main result of this was the broad-band direction finder which is able to simultaneously perform searching and direction finding based on digital filter banks usually with the aid of fast Fourier transform FFT 5 .

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Notes: 1. To keep from getting lost a soldier must know how to find out where he is. A combat area has no street addresses but a military map can help you identify a lo ion accurately. The map has vertical lines top to bottom and horizontal lines left to right . These lines form small squares 1000 meters on each side called grid squares. 2.

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2 With reference to manual TM 11-487D Directory of U. S. Army Signal Equipment Radio Direction Finding Equipment 1958 it does not state who built the AN/ARD-7. It does however provide the Signal Corps Stock Number. SIG 5 is was the Signal Corps stock list or alog. SIG 5 Subclass 2S lists complete equipment sets .

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