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Proper wear of the Army Beret ( page 1 provide extensive information about Proper wear of the Army Beret ( page 1 ARMYSTUDYGUIDE.COM. Then you should google ” how to form the beret”. Keep in mind there are several ways to wear the beret i.e. length over the ear.

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A quality beret will be able to be folded up without losing its shape another reason why material is so important when investing in one. Ready for the snow – by Romák Éva – Wikimedia Commons Mastering the art of the beret takes time and practice.

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Im in JROTC and i need help on how to properly shape a beret. How is it done? i dont want it to shrink and my flash is sewn on alredy it has leather on the edge. i read that the leather is not supposed to get wet. how is it shaped how do i stop it from shrimking? its wool. and how is it worn? by the way its the beret from PT team.

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Any advice or suggestions on how to properly store military berets? At this point not trying to display just curious on how to store these items in order to preserve their integrity and shape. Many thanks in advance ... Edited July 3 2013 by kriegsmodell

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The black beret a piece of headgear that has now become standard issue among the United States Army is a fashionable and functional hat. However these black berets must be worn in certain ways in order for the full and proper effect to be achieved.

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I recently joined the british army cadets and got my kit on wednesday. However i have a major problem! My dad helped me to shape the beret by wetting it etc and the badge (rank) is perfect also at the front and at the left side it is also perfect but on top especially over the right hand side there are about 3 or 4 rather deep creases in the beret.

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Answer #2: Get two berets. For the "undamaged" beret with lining soak it and shape it to your head (yes it looks silly but the best way is to soak it wring it out and pull it to shape on your own real head and wear it until it dries. Stay home that day :) For the "proper shape" beret (the better-looking one) you will remove the lining.

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The most popular casual method of wearing a beret is to wear it without a fold and tilted so that the brim sits diagonally across your forehead. Usually casual berets need no shaping other than fuzz removal. Align your beret properly. This typically means to wear your beret with the brim straight across your forehead.

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Note: some people suggest shaving the beret to get rid of all of the fuzz on it. You can do that but it tends to look a little strange and sometimes even get a slight shine. Also if the beret has tiny tab at the top in the middle cut it off. The Ribbon Tie it so that the beret fits snugly on your head and then fold it up underneath the beret.

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Now that your beret is in a perfect state for shaping place it on your head. With your hands pull the sides of the beret in order to sit properly. Adjust the surface of the beret the way you want it. When you’re done leave it to dry. After one day the beret will be ready for wearing and in most cases it will have the shape you created.

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Pull it into desired shape and let it dry naturally. Repeat if necessary. Once the beret is properly shaped use disposable razors to shave the fuzz from the beret.

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- Wear the beret until it is almost dry continuing to smooth the material over the crown of your head the excess down to the right behind the flash and to the right front. - When the beret is about ¾ dry you can remove it from your head and allow it to finish by air-drying; it will retain its shape.

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Lbdinh there's nothing wrong with regular Army wanting to shape their berets in fact it's great when they show enough initiative and respect to not look like flaming morons with a pizza hat. He will not get any flack over having a properly shaved and shaped beret and he'll look more professional.

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Position the Beret Properly. Pull one side of the beret down and over your ear so it appears properly tilted. Adjust the Beret until you find an appropriate balance and look. Adjusting a beret is an art form in and of itself. There’s no real “correct” way to tile a beret it's whatever you feel looks best.

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Practically all berets are suitable for girls with an oval face shape. Hair can be loosened laid in a low tail or a low and slightly tousled bun can be made. Owners of a triangular face should choose small berets and put them on their sides - so that the edge of the beret at the face repeats the bend of the chin line.

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how to properly shape a beret