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1 print (poster) : lithograph color ; 58 x 44 cm. | Poster shows German soldier with gas mask hanging from his neck gazing into the distance. Text reads: Help us triumph! Subscribe to the War Loan.


The Chemical Warfare Service developed a gas mask for use with optical instruments for the U.S. Navy in the 1920s. This was the experimental Navy Diaphragm Optical (NDO) Mark I. The Army recognized the need for the same capability and adopted the NDO as its optical gas mask MI.

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Rider in helmet and gas mask vector logo on dark vintage background. Rider in helmet and gas mask vector logo isolated on white t-shirt mock up. Vintage toxic rider in gas mask vector logo on dark background. Rider in helmet and gas mask vector logo isolated on khaki t-shirt mock up. Vintage toxic rider in gas mask black and white isolated . - German Uniforms and Equipment - Gasmaske

The gas masks came in three different sizes: 1 2 and 3. 1 was the largest size and 3 the smallest. The size indication can be seen between the eye pieces (on older M30 masks the size markings are only on the inside of the mask and readable on the snout) Below from left to right M30 size 1 M30 size 2 and M38 size 3


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1 maschera (anche fig. comput. e sport): an actor's mask la maschera d'un attore; beauty mask (o face mask) maschera di bellezza; a gas-mask una maschera antigas; a death-mask una maschera mortuaria; (fig.) to throw off the mask gettare (o levarsi) la maschera


2 Tartalomjegyzék Bevezetés Egyéni légzésvédő eszközök típusai Szűrőbetétek működési elve és bennük alkalmazott anyagok XX. század előtt A XX. század eleje és az első világháború A XX. század eleje Első világháború Összegzés Felhasznált irodalom Lukácsi Lőrinc: Szűrős légzőkészülékek fejlődéstörténete - 2 -

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Gas Mask With the first use of chemical weapons in 1915 the newly developed gas mask became a vital piece of equipment for every soldier. Success or failure in the military employment of poison gas depended on whether the attacking troops were themselves protected against any possible poisoning and whether the defenders had sufficient warning sufficient training and were sufficiently .

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The Heeres-Atmer (also known as Heeresatmer ) is a gas mask of German origin. In popular culture The Heeres-Atmer is featured in the video game Call of Duty: Black Ops II. It is worn by the Imperial German troops and by the zombies however its appearance in World War I is anachronistic. Curiously the metallic backpack is absent in game.

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Translation for 'gas mask' in the free English-Swedish dictionary and many other Swedish translations.


British physicist John Tyndall took Stenhouse's mask added a filter of cotton wool saturated with lime glycerin and charcoal and invented a 'fireman's respirator' a hood that filtered smoke and gas from air in 1871; Tyndall exhibited this respirator at a meeting of the Royal Society in London in 1874. Also in 1874 Samuel Barton patented .

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Mask helmets with frightening expressions were worn by Japanese samurai (warriors). Fencers and other sportsmen may wear masks to protect their faces. Masks are also worn on festive occasions such as Halloween and Mardi Gras. Festival masks commonly have comic or satiric features and are conducive to good-natured license and ribaldry.

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M40 Gas Mask (1987) M42 Combat Vehicle Gas Mask (1987) M45 Chemical-Biological Gas Mask (1996) M48 Apache Aviator Gas Mask (1996) Navy/USMC AR-5 NBC Aviators Protective Gas Mask; USAF Aircrew Eye and Respiratory Protection (AERP) Gas Mask. JSGPM Joint Service General Purpose Gas Mask XM50 / XM51 (2006) Joint Service Aircrew Gas Mask.

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This mask used a faceblank without the triangle on the nose. The most notable difference with this model however was that it featured a dual threaded port which could accept both 60 and 40mm filters. Essentially it had two rings inside. Examples of this can be found on Gas Mask Lexikon and Flechette Gas Masks.

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