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Midwestern newlyweds ex-Green Beret Randy Weaver (Randy Quaid) and religious zealot Vicki (Laura Dern in a pip of a perf) baffle her mother Irma (Diane Ladd) and dad Ralph (G.W. Bailey) with .

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Randy Weaver in his first television interview talks with Tom Brokaw about Ruby Ridge his beliefs and government on Larry King Live. . WEAVER: Green Beret. BROKAW: Green Beret. WEAVER .

Ruby Ridge: An American Tragedy – Variety

Midwestern newlyweds ex-Green Beret Randy Weaver (Randy Quaid) and religious zealot Vicki (Laura Dern in a pip of a perf) baffle her mother Irma (Diane Ladd) and dad Ralph (G.W. Bailey) with .

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Randy Weaver a former Iowa factory worker and U.S. Army combat engineer often described as a Green Beret moved his family to northern Idaho during the 1980s in order to "home-school his children and escape what he and his wife Vicki saw as a corrupted world."

Ruby Ridge 1992: the day the American militia movement was .

Randy Weaver supporters at Ruby Ridge in northern Idaho. Photograph: Jeff T Green/AP Bill Morlin reported on Ruby Ridge for the Spokane Spokesman-Review and is now a fellow at the Southern .

Neighbors See Weaver Differently Three Idahoans Call Him .

His death is Randy Weaver’s fault and responsibility.” . She went on to explain how she and former Green Beret commander James “Bo” Gritz eventually got into the Weaver cabin near the .

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Randy Weaver was a 44-year old ex-Green Beret. He lived in a cabin in the woods of Ruby Ridge with his wife Vikki son Sammy and daughters Sara Rachael and Elisheba. Randy also had his young friend Kevin Harris staying with him and his family. Randy and his family were subsistence hunters and farmers.

Patriot Leader Bo Gritz Shoots Himself Under Troubling .

Gritz's biggest — and only — success involved the peaceful surrender of white supremacist Randy Weaver in 1992. His zeal to "save" people from the feds seems to be a throwback to the days when he was a Special Forces commando in Vietnam.

Masks guns and madness: The dangers of ignoring the rules .

The weird thing is I liked Randy Weaver. Sure I also thought he was nuts. But he was a likable guy. . A Villisca Iowa native he was a Green Beret who served stateside during the Vietnam War .

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Randall Claude Weaver was born on January 3 1948; he had three sisters and grew up in what might be called a Christian household. In 1968 he dropped out of college and enlisted in the United States Army winning a coveted Green Beret. After an honorable discharge in October 1971 he returned to his native Iowa and married Vicki Jordison.

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Randy Weaver was born in 1948. . If you cant answer this good luck joining the Green Beret. Be ready for so much hell that you will be crying for mommy at the start. Couple Years.

Remembering Ruby Ridge — New PBS documentary explores 1992 .

Then on Aug. 30 at the urging of civilian negotiators — including former Green Beret and third-party U.S. presidential candidate Bo Gritz — Randy Weaver surrendered.

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Ruby Ridge was an event involving guns and the FBI and crazies and such at a place called Ruby Ridge.It remains a favorite of conspiracy theorists.. Background []. In 1983 the Weaver family of Iowa composed of ex-Green Beret and factory worker Randy Weaver his wife Vicki and their children moved to a cabin in isolated Boundary County Idaho in order to protect themselves from the corrupt .

PBS 'Ruby Ridge' documentary explores a Northwest standoff .

Randy Weaver a former Green Beret and his wife Vicki moved from Iowa in the mid-1980s leaving behind a farming economy that was on the ropes. The couple settled in a cabin on a Northern Idaho .


The ex-Green Beret commando who helped talk white separatist Randy Weaver into surrendering to federal police at Ruby Ridge in August 1992 told Congress Wednesday he is convinced an FBI sniper team deliberately killed Weaver's wife Vicki. Retired Lt. Col. James ``Bo'' Gritz testified that the head of the sniper team told him: ``We targeted Vicki Weaver because the (FBI) psychiatrist profiled .

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Randy Weaver you’ll remember was the Green Beret-turned-Bible-believing racial separatist turned so-called fugitive-from-justice (due to an illegal weapons charge) turned-unlikely-folk hero. Sara according to the riveting interview had been praying for the “opportunity” on a national level to bring healing to what she described as .

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RANDY WEAVER 47 former tractor mechanic and Green Beret who moved to Idaho with his family in 1983. Wounded by an FBI sniper in the Ruby Ridge standoff. Charged with murder and acquitted in 1993.


Randy Quaid plays Randy Weaver opaquely as a bit of a lunkhead but that's also true to life; Vicki was the family's visionary and mouthpiece fond of writing letters that damned government .

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In 1992 the U.S. Marshals Service and FBI were locked in an 11-day siege after a shootout between the family of Randy Weaver and the marshals resulted in deaths on both sides in Ruby Ridge Idaho.

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WASHINGTON Sept. 20 -- A controversial ex-Green Beret who helped negotiate the end of the 1992 siege in Ruby Ridge Idaho told a Senate panel Wednesday he believes Randy Weaver was wounded and .

Ruby Ridge: 20 Years Later Daughter Finds Freedom In Faith .

Randy was a former Green Beret and the cabin he built was an armed retreat from a world he and Vicki believed was not only corrupt but imminently nearing Apocalypse. In 1992 the Weaver's worst .

Masks guns and madness: Randy Weaver and the incident at .

A Villisca Iowa native he was a Green Beret who served stateside during the Vietnam War. He returned to Iowa attended the University of Northern Iowa and dreamed of being an FBI agent. Weaver was a white separatist who espoused white supremacist beliefs.

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The cabin--really a shack--was home to 44-year old former Green Beret Randy Weaver and his family--wife Vicki; son Sammy; and daughters Sara Rachel and Elisheba. It was also home to their young friend Kevin Harris. They were subsistence hunters and tended a garden putting up vegetables. A generator produced occasional electricity.

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Randy Weaver was the only boy of four children born to Clarence and Wilma Weaver a farming couple from Villisca Iowa. The Weavers were deeply religious and had a difficult time finding a denomination which matched their views; hence they often moved around from Evangelical Presbyterian and Baptist churches.

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Randy Weaver was a college drop-out and former Green Beret. He and his wife Vicki were religious fundamentalists who distrusted the government and believed the end of the world was imminent.

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Special Forces Underground It's the heartwarming story of a far-right lunatic-fringe conspiracy-peddling Special Forces bigot the Pentagon's ridiculous failure to stop soldiers at Fort Bragg from passing around his racist newsletter and the professional militia he claims is waiting for an order to overthrow the corrupt U.S. federal system via military coup in favor of some God-awful .

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Randy Weaver in a Green Beret uniform. Courtesy of Sara Weaver. Now Walter was talking to their family and friends looking for answers. Randy and Vicki Weaver it turned out had been looking .

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Jul 15 2020 · Randall Claude "Randy" Weaver (born January 3 1948) is a former American Green Beret known for his role in the Ruby Ridge standoff near Naples Idaho in 1992. Weaver his family and a friend named Kevin Harris were involved in the siege with U.S. Marshals and FBI agents.

The Ruby Ridge (Randy Weaver) Trial: A Chronology

1968: Randy Weaver joins the Army and becomes a member of the Green Berets. 1970: While back in Fort Dodge Iowa on leave from Fort Bragg Randy resumes dating Vicki Jordison a confident 21-year-old from Coalville Iowa.

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