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Long crank cold Ford Power Stroke Nation

I have a 06 6.0. I& 39;m having a long crank when cold issue usually after sitting over night. Runs great after it fires but it cranks for a good 7 seconds plus before it does. My ficm voltage is good and it appears my icp is slow to build. I& 39;m just reading it with an sct livewire.

Help Diagnosing long crank Dodge Cummins Diesel Forum

Anything that let& 39;s air into the system while sitting for a long time can cause the slow start especially after sitting for a long time. The feed tubes should be replaced with the injectors. They are a crush seal. If someone over torqued them deforming the tip then you

95 Chevy cranks excessively if sitting The Truck Stop

1995& 39;s always tend to have long crank times after sitting overnight. It is said the new stuff starts too quick without any oil. Starter to prime the oil system? Maybe a rumor. Just don& 39;t chase a normal thing as my 1995 350 TBI always did this long crank overnight.

How To Start a Car That Has Been Sitting For 1 Year - The Drive

After a long time sitting a battery will lose its charge and you’ll be left with no juice to power the car. Start here when you’re attempting your resurrection. Replace the car’s fluids ...

95 jeep grand cherokee hard start long crank EricTheCarGuy

recently my grand cherokee started having hard start long crank issues usually after sitting overnight ive changed the crank position sensor cam position sensor distributor and rooter good fuel pressure any suggestions ive also been told leaking injectors and bad

Very long crank time after sitting overnight? - The FORDifi ion.com Forums

long crank time after sitting overnight? Quote Post by stk69f100 Sun Jan 05 2014 10:47 pm check your oil just to make sure the pumps not leaking into it and that the pumps not ruptured 1969 f100 302 c6 Top guhfluh Blue Oval Fan Posts: 649 ...

Long crank time before starting - Bimmerfest - BMW Forums

I started to get the long crank a couple weeks ago. Always after the car has been sitting for more than a few hours seems like the longer it sat there the longer it has to crank. Will call my SA to see if he is willing take in the car even without any recorded errors.

Long cranking after sitting for awhile - Bimmerfest - BMW Forums

Long cranking after sitting for awhile E46 1999 - 2006 50psi is exactly correct. I had your problem because of leaky fuel injectors. Bought quality reman units from www.rmeuropean.com a few years back and haven& 39;t had the problem since. Sounds like you got bad ...

Long crank start after sitting for hours MNSubaru

Symptoms: after car sits for multiple hours 3 hours and especially in the morning It needs a long crank 2-3 full seconds to fire. After it starts it runs normally and starts normally. This has been going on since it got cold 2 weeks or so . I doubt it’s cold related

long crank after sitting Ford Power Stroke Nation

As for O rings like i said before after sitting for a few weeks it will have a long crank my usual driving for it on the weekends is short hops around town with no real long trips. After I drive it for a bit the length of crank to start will get less and less until it is 1-2 seconds like normal.


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Hard Starting/Long Crank Honda Pilot 2004 : MechanicAdvice

After sitting overnight the engine starts in the morning with a normal length of cranking. After driving around and the engine fully warmed up if I shut it down wait 2 hours then try to start again then I have to crank the engine for a long time with two tries each greater than 5 seconds before it starts with hesitation sounding like it doesn& 39;t want to start.

Truck Wont Start After Sitting Ford Power Stroke Nation

Alright Seven Trust this is gonna be a long one so bare with me. I will provide as much information as I can to help you Seven Trust out. I have a 96 7.3 stock except for a chip programmer intake and exhaust. I have removed the chip and it is at stock tunes. I lost my thumbs in march of last year in an...

SilveradoSierra.com Long crank after sitting 15mins problem SOLVED : Vortec 5300 5.3L V8

Long crank after sitting 15mins problem SOLVED Jun 01 2020 10:38pm Hey all - I beat my head against a wall for a long time searching for a cure and wanted to share in case anyone else is experiencing same.

9 Steps To Start A Car That Hasn& 39;t Been Started In Years

Most of us have a car that has been sitting in the garage for too long and the time has come to sell or move that car. But a car that has been sitting for too long won’t start right away. There are some steps that you need to take and things that you need to check. If ...

Long crank time - Ford Ranger Forum

Re: Long crank time i had a previous ford vehicle that had a leaking check valve. if after turning the ignition key to start you waited 15 to 30 seconds it would start every time. but if you did not allow time for the lines to re pressurize it was a hard start every time. also there is a issue with the transistorized key set if you have more than one key on it can disable the key from working ...

long crank time - Volvo Forums

long crank time Post by bigern 24 Aug 2005 17:45 have a big dilema.... 2000 volvo v70 xc awd.. after sitting for an hour or two there is a very long cranking time five maybe six seconds.

Long crank after sitting Toyota Tundra Forums

I have a 08 Toyota Tundra and I’ve been trying to figure out this long crank issue took to shop had new plugs fuel pump 4 injectors replaced PCV and Throttlebody cleaning and still have same issues. It only happens when the truck sits for like 10 minutes but once ...

Hard start after sitting Ford Powerstroke Diesel Forum

While the GPR is active up to 1.5 to 2 minutes after the key is turned to Wait-to-Start put your meter leads on the large terminals one lead on one large terminal and the other lead on the other large terminal . The measures how much voltage is being & 34;lost ...

Alliant Power 6.0L Hard Start Diagnostic Guide - YouTube

2006 F250 Powerstroke 6.0 Long Crank cold start problem UPDATE FIXED - Duration: 7:10. Fintech Repair Shop 44247 views 7:10 Change A Fuel Filter on 2003-2007 Ford Powerstroke 6.0 ...

Long crank after sitting? - Powertrain - W-body.com Community

This isnt really a problem because the car starts just fine but after it sits for more than say an hour or so I get a long crank when I start it. Warm crank is a hit the key and go instantly cold it spins over 4 or 5 times before it fires. I did notice though that if I give it

SilveradoSierra.com Long crank after sitting 30 mins : Vortec 4800 4.8L V8 - Page 2

Re: Long crank after sitting 30 mins Jun 12 2015 1:15am Bringing this post back from the dead having pretty much the same issues I was going to change the pump out anyways cause of the fuel guage being empty when full is annoying did this happen to solve your issue I figured I& 39;d ask since I don& 39;t want to assume hopefully your still around to answer or someone will chime in

1966 6cyl Long cranking time after sitting a week or so. Vintage Mustang Forums

My 66 convertible has been sitting for about 2 months. Typically it’s pretty cold blooded electric choke so I pulled the air cleaner to see if perhaps the carb bowl or power valve is leaking down after sitting. Well today I looked down the throat while pumping and no ...

Intermittent slow start/long crank - Maintenance/Repairs - Car Talk Community

After the car is sitting for 3 or more hours it takes longer from cranking to starting. If it’s sitting less than that amount of time it seems to start fine. The problem initially started last Fall. However at that point the issue didn’t require as long inbetween episodes.

Long Crank No Fuel After Sitting for Several Hours - TDIClub Forums

Long Crank No Fuel After Sitting for Several Hours TDI 101 www.tdiclub.com Economy - Longevity -Performance The 1 Source of TDI Information on the Web Forums Articles Links Meets Orders TDI Club Cards TDIFest 2016 Gone but not forgotten VAG-Com ...

Tii Long Crank Times After Sitting - BMW 2002 and other & 39;02 - BMW 2002 FAQ

Tii Long Crank Times After Sitting Sign in to follow this Followers 3 efi Tii Long Crank Times After Sitting By xferboy July 16 2013 tii Reply to this topic Start new topic 34 posts / 3475 views Last Reply June 21 2015 Prev 1 2 3 Next Page 1 of 3 xferboy 112 ...

Long cranking to start after sitting a while... The Diesel Stop

A couple of times lately I have had the truck require 10-15 seconds of cranking before starting. This is after the truck has been sitting for multiple... 1997 F-250HD SuperCab 4x4 ZF-5 4.10 Tymar Intake Wildman 6 Pos. Chip SD Intercooler 17* HPOP 4” Straight Pipe w/5” Silverline Tip 3-Pillar Zeries Gauges Pyro/Boost/Oil Temp 3.5& 34; RSK/D60/SD Springs Ride Rite Rear Bags Bilstein 5100 ...

I have a 87 R10 TBI 350 long crank time after sitting hours.

Re: I have a 87 R10 TBI 350 long crank time after sitting hours. « Reply 10 on: May 29 2019 09:00:16 AM no theres no check valve. if you take the fuel cap off you should be able to hear the fuel pump for a few seconds when the key is first turned on.

Long crank Focus Fanatics Forum


Having trouble starting after the van is warm and has been shut off for 10-60 minutes. The van will crank fine just

Having trouble starting after the van is warm and has been shut off for 10-60 minutes. The van will crank fine just takes 5-7 seconds for it to fire up. Also smells of fuel after it does fire. Have replaced- O2 sensor wires plugs Throttle body cleaned and serviced fuel ...

7.3 hard start after sitting Ford Powerstroke Diesel Forum

Hey all Having an issue that has started within the last year or so that only pops up after the truck has been sitting for around 12 hours. Tried searching but nobody seems to be having this exact issue. Hoping ya& 39;ll can lend a hand. Normally my 01 starts up just fine. If it sits 100% of...

7.3 long crank after sitting runs rough - PowerStrokeArmy

7.3 long crank after sitting runs rough 7.3 Tech PowerStrokeArmy > Power Strokes > 7.3 Tech 7.3 long crank after sitting runs rough

Long crank time finally figured out. quick ? at bottem Jeep Wrangler Forum

After my jeep spent close to 2 weeks at the dealer the long crank time before start up was finally fixed. First thought it was the fuel pressure regulator....nope It did Change the problem slightly though. The jeep would fire right up 80% of the time after sitting over ...

6.0 powerstroke long crank when cold. - YouTube

Justin& 39;s 04 long crank when cold - Duration: 14:34. Anthony Youngblood 1985 views 14:34 6.0 Ford powerstroke diesel hydrolocked. Locked up with a no crank - Duration: 19:12. DieselTechRon 107045 ...

Long Crank after sitting Ford Powerstroke Diesel Forum

I am looking for some reassurance in my troubleshooting of my long crank after sitting issue. I purchased the truck early in the spring and have had it for about 9 months now. It has always had to crank for 5-7 seconds after it sat overnight or for more than a few hours. If the truck is shut...

Cranks a long time before starting The Diesel Garage

After 1 hour of playing with my AE Scanner I& 39;m very happy with it. I know there is much more to learn from the data I collect with it. Can someone tell me where to go from here on solving my long crank issue?

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if my car been sitting for over year can the fuel pump go bad on it? Yahoo Answers

I have a ford taures 01..... It has been sitting for over year because of a lean on the car now everything is okay i tried to crank it and its making the noise to crank but not switching over to crank.... i was wondering what could that be... i was told the fuel pump but how much can those run for..... oh yea i just brought a new battery and everything is turning on

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long crank after sitting after bulletproof