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First look at a bulletproof Tesla Model X armored vehicle .

First look at a bulletproof Tesla Model X armored vehicle. Fred Lambert - Dec. 12th 2018 11:19 am ET . Subscribe to Electrek on YouTube for exclusive videos and subscribe to the podcast.

Watch a Tesla with bulletproof armor getting shot - Electrek

Electric vehicles especially Tesla vehicles are not being left out when it comes to armored vehicles and we are now seeing a new bulletproof Tesla Model S getting tested by getting shot with a .

Bulletproof Tesla Model 3 - Armormax

Bulletproof Tesla Model 3. With the release of Tesla’s second quarter 2019 results the automaker claimed that Model 3 is not only still the best-selling car in its segment but also “outselling all of its gas-powered equivalents combined.” [Source Eleckrek]

Bulletproof Tesla Stops Bullets in Test Video | Engaging Car .

Thankfully there are other companies out there that are able to customize Teslas in ways that even Elon Musk couldn’t imagine. Companies like Armormax for example. The Utah-based lightweight armoring division of the International Armoring Corporation ended up putting together a bulletproof Tesla Model S and it is a serious beast of a vehicle.

Watch This Bulletproof Tesla Model S Get Shot By 9 MM Handgun .

Video description: Its time to shoot a bulletproof Tesla. And thanks to ArmorMax for letting us 'borrow' their Model S. How Bulletproof is a bulletproof Tesla?

Bulletproof Tesla Model Y - Armormax

Bulletproof Tesla Model Y The latest electric SUV from Tesla is the Y model. Armormax® was the first company to offer and deliver and armored Tesla and now offers the 2020 Tesla Model Y version which is joining the Model X within Tesla’s lineup of electric SUVs.

‘Oh my f****** god’: Elon Musk unveils ‘crazy bulletproof .

The Tesla Cybertruck is capable of 0-60mph in just 2.9 seconds (Tesla) Pre-orders have opened for Tesla's latest vehicle which starts at $39900 for the most basic model though there is no word .

Tesla Cybertruck probably isn't bulletproof and that's good

A truly bullet-resistant Tesla Cybertruck would come with lots of compromises that most people don't need. During the Tesla Cybertruck's debut Elon Musk said the pickup was able to withstand a 9 .

Elon Musk explains Tesla Cybertruck . - Photos & News Videos

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has spent the past few days tweeting explanations for the embarrassing rollout of the company’s new Cybertruck pickup last Thursday. During a demonstration of the triangular .

VIDEO: Tesla unveil 'bulletproof' Cybertruck then smash its .

The unveiling of Tesla's "bulletproof" Cybertruck took an embarrassing turn as the vehicle's armoured glass shatters twice during a demonstration in front of a live audience in Los Angeles. Video .

Tesla just unveiled its new "bulletproof" truck. During a .

Tesla CEO Elon Musk told an audience the truck is "literally bulletproof" against small types of firearms. The truck's body withstood multiple strikes from a sledgehammer and the crowd cheered on.

Bulletproof Tesla Model X - Armormax

Bulletproof Tesla Model X SUV . International Armoring’s engineering teams are ready to install custom lightweight armoring packages on latest electric car from Tesla the Tesla Model X. The armored Model X will be another example of how IAC’s Armormax custom armor amplifies the beauty and power of the existing vehicle.

Tesla's 'Bulletproof' Cybertruck Reveal Goes Smashingly

Tesla's 'Bulletproof' Cybertruck Reveal Goes Smashingly Duration: 01:53 11/23/2019 Well that's awkward—watch this steel ball break two windows of Tesla's "bulletproof" Cybertruck.

Tesla boss Elon Musk unveils bulletproof Cybertruck by .

TESLA founder Elon Musk has unveiled a a hulking bulletproof truck that can go 500 miles on a single charge. But the chief executive was left red-faced when the so-called armoured glass was smashed…

Tesla's new 'Cybertruck' windows aren't as 'bulletproof' as .

Tesla's new 'Cybertruck' windows aren't as 'bulletproof' as expected. Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter . Share. Mashable Video 8 months ago During Tesla's unveiling of their first electric .

VIDEO: Tesla's 'Cybertruck' Release Tainted by Botched .

VIDEO: Tesla’s ‘Cybertruck’ Release Tainted by Botched ‘Bulletproof’ Glass Demonstration. Today Tesla (the car company) released their Cybertruck – a futurist utility vehicle that was equal parts Delorean and Lamborghini with perhaps a dash of Tonka Truck thrown in for the sake of Musk’s manufactured eccentricity.

Tesla's shirt is as bulletproof as the windows

Tesla has memorialized one of the most memorably ad-libbed vehicle unveilings in automotive history with the Cybertruck Bulletproof Tee. The shirt depicts one of the supposedly bulletproof windows .

Elon Musk unveils Tesla's Cybertruck a 'bulletproof .

Elon Musk unveils Tesla's Cybertruck a 'bulletproof' electric pickup — but it doesn't go quite as planned. . A video played on screens showing a bullet striking it and Musk said "It is .

Window of Tesla’s “bulletproof” truck shatters at unveiling .

Tesla unveiled its new “bulletproof” truck Thursday but the reveal did not go according to plan. The futuristic-looking Cybertruck is made from the same metal used for SpaceX rockets. The .

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video tesla bulletproof