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Most of the U.S. Army's uniforms of the 1960s and 1970s were superceded by the camouflage battle dress uniform (BDU) that was introduced for field and garrison duty on 1 October 1981 the second stage of a multiphased transition to an individual clothing and equipment system that is totally camouflaged.

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Original Vietnam War Uniforms Offer a Unique Way to Collect American History. The Vietnam War was a major event that changed American society politics foreign policy and the military.

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Ichimatsu doll - Wood - Very rare Ichimatsu doll in in military uniform - Japan - ca 1920-30s (Taisho/Showa) Ichimatsu doll in military uniform Object: Ichimatsu doll Material: Wood cloth Period: ca 1920-30s (Taisho/Showa) Region/ Country of origin: Japan Title of artwork: Ichimatsu doo 市松人形 Condition: Good condition see description Dimensions: doll size H 31cmX W 12cmX D 10cm Up for .

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1. Not surprisingly the blue Continental Army uniform adopted during the Revolutionary War was similar in style to the British red coat. 2. After a brief period of Army "uniform confusion" during 1812 the U.S. Army began issuing blue coats such as the ones below in 1813. These remained in service until about 1820 though a shortage of blue .

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When I first saw the character design back then you can imagine the amount of drool that flowed ^^ Meiji/Taisho era Japan is one of the yummiest. With delicious looking military uniforms and yummy men in traditional yukata. It was a fujoshi dream come true.

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item 1 Japanese Military Uniforms in Taisho Period Era Photo Book Japan - Japanese Military Uniforms in Taisho Period Era Photo Book Japan. $58.00. Last one +$19.80 .

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Taishō period (1912–26) period in Japanese history corresponding to the reign of the Taishō emperor Yoshihito (1879–1926). It followed the Meiji period and represented a continuation of Japan’s rise on the international scene and liberalism at home.

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Headgear Japanese Japanese Taisho Era Army Blue Wool Cap: Original era manufacture.Blue wool top with red wool piping and capband Pliable black leather visor with bound edge and patent leather adjustable chinstrap.Faded blue silk lining with a black oil cloth sweatband. Overall the hat displays age and wear but no moth damage.

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With the death of Emperor Meiji in 1912 a great deal of uncertainty about Japan’s future followed. Many believed that Meiji Japan had flourished under the steadfast rule of the emperor who reigned for more than 40 years. Now his first son Yoshihito ascended to the throne and took the name Taisho ushering in the next era. Those deeply loyal to Emperor Meiji and resistant to modernization .

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The Taisho tunic has stand collar 4 slant double-welt pockets and saber vent inherited from police uniform of Meiji era. It has more details than shown in pictures such as some string and loops on the collar and pocket and one inside whistle pocket etc.

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Vietnam era Uniforms; Vietnam era Insignia & Awards; Vietnam era Patches ; . WWII era Army Ribbon Bar 7 Place Theater Made. WWII AAF Pilot Wing Pin Insignia 1"

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The design is based off the Waffenrock a Prussian-inspired military uniform. To put briefly the Prussians were famous for fielding one of the best 19th century armies in Western history .

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The U.S. Army stopped issuing the Green Service cap in the 80's to enlisted soldiers except band members so it wasn't authorized. In 1986 I upgraded my cap to an officer's cap when my stepson got commissioned and gave it to him. The Army Green uniform was the issue dress uniform when I retired in 1994.

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