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A group of scientists from England took over the polyester project and in 1941 came up with Terylene the first polyester fabric. DuPont bought out all polyester rights in 1946 and developed their version called Dacron. The American public was first exposed to polyester in 1951.

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Polyester like all fabrics is not without a few drawbacks. In the late 1960s polyester had a bad public image for being a cheap fabric that uncomfortably retained heat. New manufacturing processes and the invention of microfiber (a super-soft durable lightweight polyester) are making this less and less the case today.

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Much of it made from polyester fabric. Fashion (thankfully) has changed a bit since then and so have plastic fabrics. Instead of the somewhat coarse fabric of many leisure suits of that era polyester fabric today is generally soft and smooth whether used in fine apparel or active wear.

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Polyester experienced a constant growth until the 1970s when sales drastically declined due to the negative public image that emerged in the late 60s as a result of the infamous polyester double-knit fabric! Today polyester is still widely regarded as a "cheap uncomfortable" fiber but even now this image is slowly beginning to change with .

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Simply stated polyester is a synthetic fabric comprised of a type of plastic. Less simply stated polyester is made up of molecular polymers associated with the ester group of chemical compounds (hence the term “polyester”). While there are many variations of polyester a common one is "polyethylene terephthalate" or PET a type of .

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Polyester Chiffon Fabric is a sheer supple material that is as strong as it is soft. Chiffon Fabric is made using a plain weave meaning the warp and weft yarns are woven into a basic crisscross formation.

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Polyester fabrics have come to replace some of the old school natural fabrics. For example “China silk “ is the term used by the textile industry for fabrics made of 100% polyester that closely resemble the sheen drape and durability of insect-derived silk. What Happend when Polyester is Exposed to Heat

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Polyester's principal virtue was its plasticity. Natural fibers like cotton or wool cannot be re-engineered but a man-made fabric like polyester can be custom designed to produce a different aesthetic. With advances in technology new polyester blends were concocted that simulated the look and feel of "real" fabrics.

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Polyethylene terephthalate is the basis of synthetic fibers such as polyester dacron and terylene. Whinfield and Dickson along with inventors W.K. Birtwhistle and C.G. Ritchie also created the first polyester fiber called Terylene in 1941 (first manufactured by Imperial Chemical Industries or ICI). The second polyester fiber was Dupont's Dacron.

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Today the biggest contributor to the appeal of polyester is the discovery of microfibers. Microfibers give polyester the feel of silk and are rapidly becoming the choice of fabric. With an expensive tag to match the cheap image of polyester seems to be on it’s way out. Here’s to heralding a new era in the history of polyester!

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British scientists John Whinfield and James Dickson in 1941--along with W.K. Birtwhistle and C.G. Ritchiethey--created Terylene the first polyester fabric. The durable fiber was once known as uncomfortable to wear but inexpensive.

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Polyester fabric is a synthetic man-made fabric made from polyester fibers which are manufactured from a category of polymers made from oil. Polyester fiber is the most commonly used manufactured fiber worldwide.

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Who invented polyester fabric? The British scientists John Whinfield and James Dickson first invented polyester cloth in 1941 in England. World War II had made it hard to get cotton and British people needed clothes to wear! After World War II was over in 1945 the United States company DuPont bought the right to make polyester. By 1950 a .

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Essentially anything made from cotton can also be made with polyester. From everyday shirts and pants to glamorous eveningwear the apparel applications of polyester fabric are endless. Manufacturers use polyester fabric to make suits jackets socks underwear and pretty much anything that you can wear for casual business or formal occasions.

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Polyester is a type of fabric that is made from plastic. It’s cheap it’s efficient and it’s quite convenient since it doesn’t wrinkle even if you wad it into a ball. Although it wasn’t prevalent until the 1960s polyester’s history is quite an extensive one. Early Beginnings Polyester fabrics got their beginnings b

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Polyester is a durable easy-care synthetic fabric made from petroleum byproducts. It can be manufactured in a variety of weights and textures. Polyester is used for a wide range of applications including clothing home furnishings and industrial fabrics.

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polyester fabric invented