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Most senior officers wear the Aiguillette on the right shoulder while Military Attaché and Aide-de-camp wear the Aiguillette on the left. The Governor-General of Australia as the Commander in Chief of the Australian Defence Force is also entitled to wear a uniform on which an Aiguillette made of platinum is worn.

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Lanyards associated with dress came into use in the late 19th Century when field guns such as the 12 and 15 pounders used ammunition which had fuzes set with a fuze key. The key was a simple device and every man had one attached to a lanyard worn around the neck. The key itself was kept in the breast pocket until needed. army lanyard

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A wine and blue braided whistle cord/knife lanyard was worn by all ranks of the Royal Regiment of Canada from Lance Corporal on up as a badge of rank. These coloured lanyards were not worn in the field as was the case in some other units. Royal Rifles of Canada: Officers only are listed as wearing Black lanyards.

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An aiguillette from French "aiguillette" small needle is an ornamental braided cord most often worn on uniforms but may also be observed on other costumes such as academic dress where it will denote an honour. Originally the word "aiguillette" referred to the lacing used to fasten plate armor together. As such a knot or loop arrangement was used which sometimes hung from the shoulder ...

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An aiguillette is an ornamental braided cord usually worn on a uniform to denote an honour. Although similar in some ways to a lanyard the two should not be confused. Lanyards are made from fibre whereas aiguillettes are usually made from silver or gold cord. Aiguillettes also have pointed tips.

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"The fourragère is a military award distinguishing military units as a whole that is shaped as a braided cord. The award has been firstly adopted by France" The aiguillette and fourragere as with the gorget the last vestigial and emblematic items worn on the uniform in remembrance of the olden times of knighthood and the wearing of armor?

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Bugle cords are used as elaborate leashes on bugles and trumpets and make for snazzy ornamentation on military band uniforms. Tying It All Together shows you how to make one. Song

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I think you are referring to what is known as a fourragere. It looks like a braided cord. The most common one is a blue cord that indi es the soldier is an infantryman. Some units have fourragere that indi e the unit was awarded a decoration by a foreign country and anyone in that units wears is as long as he or she is in that unit.

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Criteria: The Army Shoulder Cord is intended to be worn on the Class A dress green or dress blue uniform jacket or Class B shirt. According to the most recent version of the Army Regulation 670-1 AR 670-1 the blue infantry cord is the only shoulder cord currently authorized for wear on any Army uniform.

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The boatswain& 39;s pipe and lanyard may be worn around the neck while carrying out official ceremonial duties and military watches. The lanyard is braided with Belfast cord in a traditional style and sennit. When hanging free the bottom of the pipe will not fall below the top of the belt.

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An aiguillette also spelled aguillette aiglet or aglet is a cord with metal tips or lace tags or the decorative tip itself. Functional or purely decorative fasteners of silk cord with metal tips popular in the 16th and early 17th centuries sometimes of gold set with gemstones or enameled are generally called "aiglets" "aglets" or "points". In modern usage an "aiguillette" is an ornamental braided cord with decorative metal tips worn on uniforms or as part of other costumes such as academ


Given the available evidence there can be little doubt that the humble dress lanyard started out its military service as a simple cord to neatly secure a whistle to the uniform. Today& 39;s lanyards are worn with some forms of work and ceremonial dress but not all. Lanyards are not worn with field dress except by members of the Australian Army Cadets.

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What is that braid like thing around the shoulder of a US army officer& 39;s uniform and why do only men have it? It& 39;s over the shoulder and it& 39;s braided I& 39;ve seen it come in blue or white and it& 39;s usually on the right or left shoulder and I noticed only the men have it on their uniforms s do not how come?

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Visit the post for more. C olors. Customize the color layout of your cord from twenty different colors. Choose your center color edge color tip drop color and strand color.


Given that the lanyard was made of silk it indi es it was to be worn with dress uniforms to signify status. The first mention of a lanyard in an Australian manual describes it as an item issued with a military clasp knife to enable it to be secured to the uniform to prevent loss.

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This is actually a lanyard used to denote a rank or award achieved by the officer and is represented by the color type of braid and side of the body it is worn on. These types of lanyards can become quite complex in terms of the types of knots and braiding used in their creation.

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I& 39;ve recently discovered a family group photograph taken c. 1916 which shows my great-uncle in his khaki army uniform. Only his head and shoulders are visible but this is enough to show that he is wearing what looks like a piece of white cord around his right shoulder which seems to be placed underneath his epaulette and loops under his arm.

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Guide to the Wear and Appearance of Army Uniforms and Insignia This expedite revision dated 1 July 2015--o Adds wear guidance for the Operational Camouflage Pattern Combat Uniform paras 4-1 4-2 and 4-7 . o Adds wear guidance for the Operational Camouflage Pattern Maternity Work Uniform paras 5-1 5-2 and 5-7 .

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The infantry blue cord is a United States military decoration worn over the right shoulder of all infantry-qualified U.S. Army soldiers. It is a fourragere in light blue specifically PMS 5415 worn under the right shoulder and under the right epaulette of a U.S. Army infantry soldier& 39;s Class A dress blue uniform jacket or Class B shirt. The cord is composed of a series of alternating left and right half knots that are tied around a leader cord to form a "Solomon bar". The infantry blue cord is

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On ceremonial uniforms they moved the lanyard to be worn over the shoulder and it is colour coded to identify a unit or position Honour Guard Colour Guard Representative etc. The first list of authorised lanyards was published as an Army Council Instruction in 1953. To view the range of lanyards worn by the UK armed forces today click here.

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Lanyards associated with dress came into use in the late 19th Century when field guns such as the 12 and 15 pounders used ammunition which had fuses set with a fuse key. The key was a simple device and every man had one attached to a lanyard worn aroundhis neck. The key itself was kept in the breast pocket until needed.

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Lanyard Woven lanyard of white fabric. History note Historically lanyards were worn by officers so that they may suspend a whistle compass or other similar item in a practical way attached to the shoulder via the lanyard and closed within a pocket; this would ensure that the item would not be lost if dropped.

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Bugle cords are used as elaborate ornamental leashes on bugles and trumpets. These cords are used for making for snazzy ornamentation on uniforms worn by military bands. Although the technique for making a bugle cord is really very simple it is quite difficult to find instructions on how to go about doing it. In this really short video you will find out how simple it is to make a bugle cord ...

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A lanyard is also referred to a fourragère – and is a braided cord with a sharp spike at one end. The fourragère is a very old component of some military uniforms and originates from the French uniforms where it was used to bundle forage for pack animals or cavalry horses.

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When lanyards are authorized for wear they are worn on the left shoulder with the cord passing under the sleeve and attached to the shoulder loop on the coat of the Class A Green and ASU enlisted uniforms. Only one lanyard aiguillette or cord is authorized for wear on each shoulder.

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The shoulder cord is worn on the right shoulder and is passed under the arm and over the right shoulder under the shoulder loop and secured to the button on the shoulder loop. In order to attach the cord officer personnel will attach a 20-ligne button to the right shoulder seam 1/2 inch outside the collar edge.

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Notably RACT was the first corps in the Australian Army to receive approval to wear a braided lanyard. The corps colours of the RACT are blue white and scarlet. Each of the colours represents various aspects of the history of the corps: Blue: representing the early uniforms worn by the corps predecessors

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The key was a simple device and every man had one attached to a lanyard worn around the neck. The key itself was kept in the breast pocket until needed. The lanyard was a simple piece of strong cord but it was gradually turned into something a bit more decorative smartened up with ‘blanco’ and braided taking its present form.

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6. Braided red white and black cord- RCAF usage but worn unofficially by many US troops on Occupation duty in Germany. 7. Red and yellow braided fourragere- Republic of Vietnam SVN fourragere to the Cross of Gallantry awarded and worn though later forbidden by regulation 8. Red braided cord- Royal Thai Parachute brevet.

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Examples are the "French Fourragere" and the "Belgium Fourragere" which were awarded to US combat units Third Infantry Division for a WW2 example for such service in both World wars. A lanyard may be what they call it in the Canadian military but a lanyard in U.S. Army nomenclature is what you pull to fire an artillery piece.

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Lanyards today probably evolved from the braid festooned uniforms of the Napoleonic period. The Cuirassiers had braid connecting thier swords to their shoulders that way they would not interfere with the use of it but keep it attached to them. Today the lanyard is more used as a badge of distinction qualifi ion or award.

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Wear of Army uniform at national regional and local events 3–5 page . 13. Uniform appearance and fit 3–6 page . 14. Required or prohibited wearing of ...

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I can only speak of the Air Force Where the Braided cord you are talking about indi es that the Airman is a member of a special function team. Such as the Drum and Bugle team Honor Guard etc…

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Indian Army Service Lanyards - Military Lanyards. Those units of Indian army with glory and exceptional valour in the past on their name wear the lanyard on the right shoulder and other units even ...

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Hi Emma. I read somewhere that these pieces of braid were worn by members of the Pay Corps but they could& 39;ve been more widespread. I& 39;m going to be consulting some relevant books at my local library before the end of the week so hopefully I& 39;ll be able to post some useful information by then. All the best with your researches.

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The only modern since the M1902 blue uniform stopped being worn with its branch colored coat cap and trouser trim and chest cords Army authorized branch-colored cord and other accessories are the Infantry items approved in 1951 I think it was 1951; I know it was the early 1950s .

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Lanyards of various colour combinations and braid patterns are also commonly worn on the shoulders of military uniforms to denote the wearer& 39;s qualifi ion or regimental affiliation. Many regiments were originally mounted and wore the lanyard on the left enabling the rider to pull a whistle from his left tunic pocket and maintain ...

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