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India defence: Government to make India one of the top military equipment manufacturers - The Economic Times

According to official figure India inked 187 contracts worth Rs 2.40 lakh crore with foreign and domestic firms for various military equipment and weapons in the last four years. However majority of the projects are yet to take off due to procedural delays. Officials ...

India’s Military Inferiority Complex – The Diplomat

The Times of India for example headlined last week’s defense budget announcement by bemoaning the fact that the “Military plays ch-up but China is a long march ahead. That’s a self ...

India becomes biggest foreign buyer of US weapons Financial Times

In 2009 India imported $237m in military equipment from the US but this jumped to $1.9bn last year as almost half of its $13.4bn defence procurement budget went overseas.

India’s Pangong Pickle: New Delhi’s Options After Its Clash with China - War on the Rocks

Yet India’s military options to compel a Chinese retreat are poor forcing Modi to weigh the dangers of escalation against the certainty of strategic humiliation if India does nothing to restore the status quo. Options between full-scale war and capitulation — such ...

A new strategy is needed to rejuvenate India’s healthcare sector The Indian Express

To put India’s poor health infrastructure into perspective consider this – according to a Brookings study by Prachi Singh Shamika Ravi and Sikim Chakraborty published in March 2020 and using data from the National Health Profile-2019 the total number of

India of My Dreams: “Poor military leadership not equipment led to 1962 debacle: Report under wraps”

“Poor military leadership not equipment led to 1962 debacle: Report under wraps” Some more comments on the 1962 Sino-Indian War If anyone from this newspaper reads this kindly advise some news items published in the last few years which have shed positive light on Indian Army leadership

Winter is coming and China-India border dispute shows no sign of resolution Indian analysts warn South China Morning Post

The border dispute between India and China may continue into the winter months with poor visibility and cold temperatures adding additional risks to troops. Photo: AFP This Week in Asia / Politics

Bangladesh and the China-India Conflict – The Diplomat

When Narendra Modi was elected to the office of prime minister for the first time in 2014 he invited his counterparts from Nepal Bangladesh Sri Lanka Afghanistan Pakistan the Maldives and ...

India& 39;s Military Modernization Center for Strategic and International Studies

Q1: How did India become the world’s largest importer of military equipment? A1: With annual GDP growth rates between 7 and 9 percent in the past decade and the government’s commitment to steady investments in military capabilities India’s spending on defense as a share of its GDP has remained relatively steady at 2.5 to 3.0 percent.

How is the Indian Armed Forces regarded by other countries? - Quora

Thanks for asking me to answer this one. I can only answer from the perspective of an Israeli military professional of course and I guess that alongside some of the wonderful answers given already such as those by Jon Davis Nigel Mountford Gra...

Has India’s Hindu nationalist government mismanaged the country’s response to the coronavirus? - MSN

its 1.3 billion people just four hours’ notice. The measures hit many of the country’s poor migrant workers hard leaving ... The government of India has provided a relief package equal to 10 ...

Military history of India Military Wiki Fandom

India has focused recently on purchasing the technology behind military equipment rather than equipment itself. Recent examples include purchases of Sukhoi Su-30 MKI multi-role fighter aircraft and T-90 main battle tanks from Russia and diesel-powered Scorpene submarines from France.

After raucous welcome in India Trump clinches $3 billion military equipment sale - Reuters

U.S. President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that India will buy $3 billion worth of military equipment including attack helicopters as the two countries deepen defence and ...

World Military Guide -

World Military Guide Thomas Hobbes famously described the state of Nature the pre-state existence of individuals as a life that is & 34;solitary poor nasty brutish and short& 34;. In ...

Deepening Alliance Between United States and India Faces Headwinds in 2020s - Forbes

As a result a 2019 study by the Center for New American Security concluded that the gap between China and India’s military power has only increased since the U.S. began its alliance with India ...

Ladakh news: Ladakh standoff: India& 39;s allies pitching in with weapons and ammunition - The Economic Times

India’s largest defence supplier Russia has pledged urgent delivery of weapons ammunition and missiles that India asked for during the recent visit to Moscow by defence minister Rajnath Singh. A detailed list has been shared by India for several dozen requirements that would cost in excess of $1 billion and a commitment has been received from Russia of delivery within weeks.

India-China Economic Romance Cannot End With A Mere Border Clash - Chinese Experts

India and China have been at each other’s throat for more than a month now. Aside from the military confrontation in Ladakh India has also moved to disengage from China economically. While the move has got the support from the majority of Indians Cui Hui’ao of

What is India’s military strength? What Is NewsThe Indian Express

India seems to be modernising its military and its nuclear capabilities keeping an eye on China. India’s declared policy is of nuclear deterrence and no first strike. However the modernisation program particularly the ballistic missiles program shows that India is intent on bringing the whole of China in its strike range.

China vs India Comparison military strength

India Does not have nuclear weapons. Military service China 18-24 years of age for selective compulsory military service with a 2-year service obligation; no minimum age for voluntary service all officers are volunteers ; 18-19 years of age for women high school ...

What is the best Indian military equipment? - Quora

India is one of the most rapidly growing nation with such a huge infantry power and unrivaled powerful weapons.Day by day Indian Armed forces updating itself by new and most powerful weapons and technologies which help them to stand in front of an...

How much of Indian territory does China claim and why Indian Army holds a military edge vis-a-vis PLA? India News – India TV

The poor edu ional standards of the Chinese troops translate into clumsiness when learning to use sophisti ed military equipment says ex-Indian Army Commander. The General asserts that the ...

Taiwan to send medical equipment to India - The Economic Times

Earlier India had procured PPEs and ventilators from China. Key medical supplies have also been obtained from other East Asian states such as South Korea and Japan besides Singapore.NEW DELHI: Taiwan is preparing to dispatch medical equipment to help India’s Covid-19 crisis. ...


India had already received sizeable military assistance from a joint airlift by the US and Royal Air Force a fact that had displeased Pakistan because Washington hadn’t taken Karachi then ...

Defence and Paramilitary Personnel National Portal of India

National Portal of India is a Mission Mode Project under the National E-Governance Plan designed and developed by National Informatics Centre NIC Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology Government of India. It has been developed with an objective to ...

Paper elephant - India spends a fortune on defence and gets poor value for money Asia The Economist

Paper elephant India spends a fortune on defence and gets poor value for money The country’s millions of men and women in uniform wield mainly Soviet weapons Asia Mar 28th 2018 edition

India will have to depend on the US for military equipment - News

Domestic failure to develop sophisti ed and wide range of military equipment is compelling India to sign defence agreements which will bind New Delhi with the US for a long time to come.

Satellite images show Russia continues to arm Libya’s LNA with military equipment: US Al Arabiya English

Russia continues to arm the Libyan National Army LNA with a variety of military equipment including fighter jets air defense missiles land mines and armored vehicles the US Defense Department ...

India& 39;s Real Military Problem And It& 39;s Not Pakistan or China The National Interest

Third India& 39;s defense budget is squeezed by the need to recruit train outfit and house a 1.25-million-strong military. On top of that Indian soldiers allege that they endure poor working ...

Top 10 Most Powerful Weapons of The Indian Military – Defencyclopedia

INTRODUCTION India is one of the most rapidly growing militaries in the world. They have evolved from a regional force with tactical capabilities to a growing strategic force with global reach. They are heavily dependent on foreign suppliers for equipment as their local ...

Rush defence supplies India to tell Russia amid crisis India News - Times of India

Up Next Rush defence supplies India to tell Russia amid crisis Singh to Modi: You can’t let China use your words to appropriate our land 4 railways divisions achieve 100% punctuality Demand up ...

India& 39;s Economy: Challenges and Opportunities

India is the world& 39;s fourth-largest economy.It produced $9.4 trillion in goods and services in 2017. But it has a long way to go to beat the top three: China with a production worth $23.2 trillion the European Union with $20.9 trillion and the United States with $19.4 trillion.

India’s China Strategy Is Changing by Shashi Tharoor - Project Syndi e

With India outspent and outflanked by China& 39;s military trade sanctions are one of its few available tools. China has a huge trade surplus of $50 billion the banning of 59 Chinese apps “on data-security grounds” the barring of Chinese companies from other “lucrative opportunities” in India’s vast market could have a long-term impact on their bilateral trade.

68% of Indian military equipment is & 39;vintage& 39; say officials

68% of Indian military equipment is ‘vintage’ say officials – PARAMUSESA You can flag a comment by clicking its flag icon. Website admin will know that you reported it.

Kadaga pays tribute to four deceased senior army officers – PML Daily

“As Inspector of Military Equipment it is reported he helped to fight importation of poor quality military equipment in the army and also served as the Chief of Staff – Reserve Forces” she said. For Brig. Twesigye Ms Kadaga said he joined the NRA in 1986 and

List of equipment of the Indian Army - Wikipedia

This is a list of some of the present equipment used by the Indian Army.Most of the army equipment is of foreign design and produced under licence in India but efforts are on to progressively design and manufacture equipment locally. The 41 Indian Ordnance Factories under control of Ordnance Factories Board manufacture most of the Army equipment like small arms ammunition combat vehicles ...

The only thing that will fix Canada& 39;s military is public outcry -

The country’s military budget has fallen among the lowest in NATO when measured as a percentage of GDP and procrastination on decisions for new equipment has led to years of delays.

Rising military power of India

India is a growing military power which is evident with the number of nations seeking to enhance military ties with it. The recent comment by President Trump that the world’s two greatest democracies should have the two strongest militaries and terming Asia-Pacific as Indo-Pacific indi es the growing proximity and dependence of the US on Indian military power in the region. For the US ...

After huge welcome in India Trump clinches $3 billion military equipment sale - Reuters

U.S. President Donald Trump said on Tuesday India will buy $3 billion worth of military equipment including attack helicopters as the two countries deepen defence and ...

Indian Armed Forces Military Wiki Fandom

In a first India has offered a $100-million credit line to Vietnam to purchase military equipment. A bilateral agreement for utilization of facilities in India by the Singapore Air Force and Army was signed in October 2007 and August 2008 respectively and has been extended up to 2017.

Calling LAC conflict & 39;intelligence failure& 39; is lazy. It ignores India& 39;s real problem

Opinion Calling LAC conflict ‘intelligence failure’ is lazy. It ignores India’s real problem Both India’s political and military intelligence would have picked up signals of the change in China’s stance. T he conflict with China on the borders of Ladakh and the brutal murder of 20 Indian soldiers has led to furious allegations by retired service officers as well as opposition ...

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india poor military equipment