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Does anybody have any tips for me shaving and shaping my beret?

ahh lets see I've shaved it wet and dry. I don't think it matters but to shape it you got to get it wet and pull on it regularly so it don't shrink and you got to shave the inside too. Make sure you have a fresh haircut too. Use a cheep throw away razor because it will be no use when your done.

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TPA I have yet to run across a beret at the MCCS that is lined. There are places in town at most posts that sell them already shaved with saves time and effort along with less chance of nicking and damaging it. Flyboy gave great directions on how to shave and form it.

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shape the beret using a damp boot brush (clean).. rotate the brush in a circle motion then shave the beret using an old razor. you might need to brush the beret again now leave to dry overnight and it should be fine. ( to shape the beret you may need to wet it in that case leave it to dry a bit before shaving it..)

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I have a new beret and forgot how to shape it nicely. I know you wet it and shave it but there was a step I kinda missed. Back in basic we were suppose to cut the cardboard on the beret in half or something like that.

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Starting at the center gently shave outward. Continue doing this until you have a smooth surface. Exercise caution and do not shave the same spot multiple times as this can thin out the fabric to the point of creating a hole. Be sure to also shave the inside of the beret. Feel free to change the razor if it becomes dull. 4. Shape the beret .

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How To Shape a Military Beret. Simple Steps in order to fit and conform your beret to your head. Everyone’s head isn’t shaped or sized the same so read below the steps in order to conform it comfortably to your size head. Step 1: Using a cigarette lighter or a pair of scissors burn or snip off all of the “fuzz” off of the beret. preshaped beret

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Learning the Basics for Beret Shaping. Fit the beret to your head. If the beret is adjustable place it on your head and adjust to the right size. Be sure to complete this step before getting the beret wet since a wet beret can stretch or shrink. If you are unable to adjust your beret to fit snugly on your head you may need one of a different .

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First you have to shave it it gets all the lose material and prevents little balls of material from coming up on the beret it self. Second take the beret and soak it in water don't soak it just wet enough were you can shape it. After that put it on your head and then pull up the front and then pull down the side tell it is half way over the ear.

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Shave from the band to the middle but don't go too far. The flatter the beret the less chance you'll have of cutting it. Spin the beret on your knee and work your way all the way around. Next put the top of the beret on the top of your knee and shave it the rest of the way. 4) Repeat # 2 and 3 for the inside of the beret WITH THE SAME RAZOR.

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Compress the left side of the beret flat against the head. The right side of the beret should hang over the right ear with the cap badge directly over the left eye. Shift the beret around until the band excess material and cap badge are in the right places. Leave the beret on until its dry as it will dry to the shape of your head.

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This beret does not include the flash or the sewing of the flash. Please select the sewing option (ITEM #2) Pre-Shaved and Shaped Beret This beret is hand shaved and hand steamed to shape Please keep in mind time for item availability and shipping We will notify you before filling your order if we are out of your size.

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how to shave and shape a beret