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Bulletproof coffee sounds a bit interesting while making coffee every morning in your countertop. The actual definition of bulletproof coffee is a kind of coffee that combined bulletproof coffee beans (which is called high performance upgraded beans) coconut oil and grass-fed butter producing the creamy frothy satisfying drink.

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So where did a bulletproof coffee originate? While I think the true origins of butter coffee began a very long time ago in Asia somewhere the bulletproof coffee is said to created by David Asprey. Thanks to the fats in the oil and butter he says the beverage invigorates the mind and eradicates mental fog.

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The original version of Bulletproof Coffee from the creator Dave Asprey is two parts butter (preferably grass-fed) to one part MCT oil. This is the recipe I drank for years because not only does it taste delicious but the MCT oil was great for productivity and energy. 1-2 tbsp butter (preferably grass-fed) 1-2 tbsp MCT Oil ; Coffee; 2. Matt .

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Is there a difference or preference on when or over how long you drink your bulletproof coffee? I make mine before work in the morning and drink it usually over the course of 3hrs so between 8-11am. I wasn’t sure if it was better to consume all the fat and calories together in a short window as you would a meal or if spreading it out had any .

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Bulletproof coffee is typically consumed first thing in the morning however some experts argue that it may be better to wait until around 10am to drink your first coffee of the day. This is because your natural cortisol levels generally peak between 8-9am so the effect of caffeine may be more effective when they start to dip later in the .

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how long on bulletproof coffee