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Home - Guardian Angels Formed by Curtis Sliwa and 12 dedicated volunteers in New York City the “Magnificent 13” rode the subways to conduct safety patrol. For 37 years thousands of people have joined the Guardian Angels and created chapters in over 130 cities in 13 countries to protect their communities and improve substantially the quality of life.

Pacific Electric Red Car In LA Covered 25 Percent More . Los Angeles used to have a public transit system that covered about 25 percent more track mileage than New York City's current subway system. In its eco-heyday in 1945 LA had more than 900 hydro-electric Pacific Electric "Red Cars" that covered more than 1100 miles from Pasadena to downtown LA Santa Moncia Long Beach Balboa and Santa Ana.

Harley Quinn: Black + White + Red adds new creators. and . Harley Quinn: Black + White + Red adds new creators. and more Poison Ivy. . the X Train a pirate-filled locomotive sailing the troubled waters of New York's underground!" reads the story's .

Angels in Red Berets? The British Are Edgy - The New York Times The Guardian Angels who patrol the subways and streets of New York have brought their message of crime prevention to England attracting a tempest of criticism from the Government the police .

Founder Curtis Sliwa - Guardian Angels What started as a group of him and a dozen other dedicated volunteers riding the subways of New York to serve as protectors of everyday law abiding citizens grew into the “Guardian Angels” that residents of the Big Apple have come to know and love. With their distinctive Red Berets they are as New York as Central Park or a potato knish.

New York's Pandemic-Era Bike Scene | City Journal Like many New Yorkers I now feel unsafe taking the subway; its ridership at the pandemic’s peak was just 10 percent of the normal daily 5.5 million straphangers. Cycling—for recreation for exercise for sunshine to get a takeaway meal from a restaurant—has become the only consistent means by which I communicate with the outside world.

22 Photographs of the New York City Guardian Angels The Guardian Angels are known for their uniforms red beret and red jacket or white T-shirt with the red Guardian Angel logo of an eye inside a pyramid on a winged shield. They are equal opportunity and promote diversity. Initially former New York City Mayor Ed Koch publicly opposed the vigilante group.

25 years later Curtis Sliwa’s gunshot . - New York Post In 1992 New York vigilante Curtis Sliwa was shot multiple times in an assumed mob hit thought to be the work of the notorious Gambino family’s John Gotti. Miraculously he survived — but 20 .

MTA Maps Downloadable maps for New York transit including subways buses and the Staten Island Railway plus the Long Island Rail Road Metro-North Railroad and MTA Bridges and Tunnels.

The early history of the Guardian Angels and their . The early history of the Guardian Angels and their controversial New York City subway patrols. By JERE . multi-racial band of protectors in red berets and red-and-white T-shirts making the .

In the Shadows with NYC's Self-Styled Guardian Angels In his stunning 1986 book Subway photographer Bruce Davidson describes the atmosphere of fear and dread on his daily journeys into the New York subway system to document underground life. “As I went down the subway stairs through the turnstile and on to the darkened station platform a sense of fear gripped me.

How New York Became Safe: The Full Story | Restoring Order in NYC Nathan Glazer first gave it voice in a 1979 Public Interest article “On Subway Graffiti in New York” arguing that graffitists other disorderly persons and criminals “who rob rape assault and murder passengers . . . are part of one world of uncontrollable predators.” For Glazer a government’s inability to control even a minor .

Woman punched by enraged duo while filming NYC train assault . New York Daily News | Jul 31 2020 at 11:00 AM Video posted to Twitter shows two suspects a man and a woman who allegedly assaulted two people on a subway including a woman who captured the .

Guardian Angels Patrol New York City Subways After Slashings . T he Guardian Angels have returned to patrol New York City subways for the first time in more than 20 years after a spate of knife attacks on passengers.. Nearly a dozen underground slashing and .

New York crime-fighting gang back on patrol after subway . New York crime-fighting gang head back on subway patrols for the first time in 22 years after spree of slashing attacks Guardian Angels formed in 1979 and patrolled New York subways and Central .

Pentagon Ends Review of Deadly Niger . - The New York Times These four American Green Berets were killed last fall when their patrol was ambushed in Niger. . Wright drives the car toward the mark of a red smoke grenade. . Audra Melton for The New York .

Pictures of the controversial vigilantes who protected the . (William N. Jacobellis/New York Post Archives via Getty Images) A 2001 New York Daily News article waxes nostalgic: “New Yorkers cheered when a volunteer army of tough young men in red berets began riding the trains with them patrolling the city’s underground every night of the week beating up muggers and holding them for cops.

New York Added To List Of States Affected By Salmonella . NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) – New York has been added to the list of states affected by a widespread outbreak of salmonella. Federal health officials said the outbreak infecting nearly 400 people .

Guardian Angels on the NYC subway 1980 - Rare Historical Photos The subway system became New York’s most ravaged symbol of urban decay deemed un-patrollable and unsafe even for the most street savvy commuter. In 1979 a group of angered residents led by Curtis Sliwa began taking crime prevention into their own hands donning red berets – looking very much like a gang and calling themselves the Guardian .

Isaias Whips Through New York City New York City spent $20 billion in the years after Superstorm Sandy to shore up its coastline in areas hit hardest such as Red Hook Brooklyn the Rockaway Peninsula and downtown Manhattan said .

New York City Is Facing a Census Emergency New York City Is Facing a Census Emergency: Response rates vary wildly by neighborhood and if we’re undercounted the results will be dire.

Is the subway risky? It may be safer than you think | In New York transit officials said a recent observational study of over 220000 riders found that over 90% were wearing masks. The transit agency has handed out free masks to passengers.

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