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Xbox 360 Cheats - Saints Row 2 Wiki Guide - IGN This page contains a list of cheats codes Easter eggs tips and other secrets for Saints Row 2 for Xbox 360.If you've discovered Saints Row 2 cheats that you'd like to add to the page or have .

How can i unlock the Police And Army Uniform? - Saints Row . For Saints Row: The Third on the PC a GameFAQs Q&A question titled "How can i unlock the Police And Army Uniform?".

Hate to ask but how do i get a cop uniform? - Saints Row 2 . Taken directly from the "Cheats" page: How to get: Step 1 - Get a friend or someone to host a co-op game for you. Join them. Step 2 - Start any Fuzz activity. Step 3 - Fail the mission by killing the cameraman or kill yourselves.

Is there a police uniform in Saints Row 2 - Answers yes but its a glitch.go to www.saints and go to forums and go to cheatstipsand guides and there is a guide about the uniform.

how do u get a police uniform Saints Row 2 Questions and . To get the Police Uniform first you need to join you're friends online co-op game second you need to do fuzz third you're friend (host of game) need to quit the activity then you need to leave then you neeed to save nd return to the main meny then join you're friend again and add it to you're outfits and u've got it

Police outfit in single player - Saints Row 2 For Saints Row 2 on the Xbox 360 a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Police outfit in single player".

can i get a police uniform in Saints Row 2? | Yahoo Answers yes you can get it on single player or multiplayer if possible can you please send me a ps3 game save with th police outfit If you have ever played FUZZ then you will know that the uniform that you have is pretty badass.To get the exact one that they have you must. 1.go into someone elses game. 2.have them start up any level of FUZZ

Saints Row 2 - Xbox Games Store Help the 3rd Streets take back their city in this explosive sequal to the 2006 hit. Saints Row 2 features unparalleled character creation and customization; a massive open world to explore by land air or sea; and online co-op play that enables you and a friend play through the entire story of Saints Row 2. There are no refunds for this item.

Saints Row 2 | Saints Row Wiki | Fandom Saints Row 2 is a game in the Saints Row series. Five years have passed since your former Saints crew betrayed you. As you awake from a coma for the first time since that fateful day you find the Stilwater you once ruled is in disarray. Unfamiliar gangs have laid claim to your territory rival factions have taken over your rackets and cash-hungry corporations have laid waste to your once .

Buy Saints Row 2: Ultor Exposed - Microsoft Store Disgruntled Ultor microbiologist Tera Patrick holds the key to the corporation’s illicit research activities and revenue generating schemes. Help Tera dismantle the Ultor Corporation by exposing the megacorp's seedy operations to the citizens of Stilwater. Battle through three all new co-op enabled missions. Commandeer new air and ground vehicles including attack aircraft and luxury sports .

Military fatigiues/ Ultor uniform - Saints Row 2 Message . I have: Police Uniform Ultor Uniform Prison Guard Uniform Power Plant Guard Uniform Quota Officer Uniform Leet Anti Drugs Officer (Regular cop but with White tee no hat and fingerless gloves) All because I stole the badges and radio etc from fuzz. Make some minor adjustments you get any security force from Stillwater you want.

Saints Row 1 - Police vs Gangsters - video dailymotion 2 ème délire sur Saints Row The Third : Panic dans la ville avec la police. maxime moulin. 3:06. Saints Row 2 - Getting the Police Uniform. Janice Grey. 1:31.

Reality Star Achievement in Saints Row 2 Reality Star Achievement in Saints Row 2: Completed all levels of FUZZ - worth 15 Gamerscore. Find guides to this achievement here.

Can you get a police uniform on saits row 2 with out being . Can you get a police uniform on saits row 2 with out being on xbl Saints Row 2 Questions and answers Xbox 360

Police Headquarters | Saints Row Wiki | Fandom The Police Headquarters AKA Precinct 31 is a building in Saints Row 2. The Stilwater Police Department Headquarters is located in the Harrowgate neighborhood of the Saint's Row District.

How do i het the police uniform? - Saints Row 2 Q&A for Xbox . Option 1. buy Downloadable content #1. Buy in Let's Pretend. Option 2. Get on co-op. Do the Fuzz activity. Kill cameraman or co-op partner. Tell buddy not to press anything.

I need a police outfit can you help - Saints Row 2 Questions All you need to do is kill the camera man in fuzz then when it gets to 4 seconds press start and then back and keep on doing it to the box at the top that says fuzz when it goes you have cop clothes.[how to get cop outfit on saints row 2 l][/url]

Saints Row 2 Review | Trusted Reviews Saints Row 2 has the eccentric characters the crass humour and the radio stations of its inspiration but the wit isn’t witty and the characters lack real personality.

Where's My Car? Achievement in Saints Row 2 The credit for this solution goes to user ViperYourMother on the GameSpot Saints Row 2 forums. Here's a trick that I've now used on 6 different hard-to-find cars: 1.

Stilwater Police Department | Saints Row Wiki | Fandom The Stilwater Police Department is the law enforcement of Stilwater in Saints Row Saints Row 2 Saints Row Undercover and briefly in Saints Row: The Third. In Saints Row and Saints Row 2 the Stilwater Police Department is one of many antagonistic forces that oppose the main character Playa and their gang the 3rd Street Saints. Dedicated to the protection of the city of Stilwater and its .

Saints Row2 how to make the police uniform - Answers u need coop to get the real one but u can also make ur guy look pretty close. go to impressions bul long sleeve with tir make the tie dark cop blue and the shirt light cop blue then make dress .

Saints Row 2 cheats: All the cellphone cheat codes you need . A wide selection of rides and weapons with full ammo caches are available to you but with the right Saints Row 2 cheat codes you can also turn into a giant or a midget run forever become .

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